Wreck-A-Mended Auto Body

This was an incredibly awesome experience from start to finish. It was our first time using this site and I had some issues getting started but when I reached out and spoke with Sherry, she not only answered the questions I had but informed me of tons of other cool options. Once the contest started I had plenty of activity and submissions. Everyone was very interactive and responsive to our suggestions. It wasn't easy picking a single winner as there were a lot of great offerings but at the end of the day, you need to make a decision on just one. We chose a very clean design by Admiral that just needed a tiny bit of tweaking on colors mostly. Even though English is not his first language he made it very easy to communicate with and was very quick to respond to any of our questions and or suggestions. He is absolutely top-notch and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for a wonderful experience adn an even more awesome logo!

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Winning design #32 by Admiral, Logo Design for Wreck-A-Mended Auto Body Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Admiral

Project description

We've opened a new body shop and need a cool, fun logo that attracts customers.

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  • I hope you like my proposal , so please, give me responds, thanks #152
  • Hi, you can see this logo, hope you will like, #151
  • Hello again CH @racefunk. I have reduced the size of the text part giving the doctor caricature more presence and making the overall logo look better and proportional. #149
  • Another color combo which you may like CH @racefunk #146
  • Hi, I have highlighted "W" your brand name first letter, hope that you will like, Thanks. #148
  • How about a more modern and sportier looking red and black color combo CH @racefunk ? Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one CH :) #145
  • Hello there CH @racefunk ! Hope you are having a wonderful day ! The logo is designed to look very professional, modern, cool , fun and is as per the latest update in the brief. The logo will attract customers for sure as required and is unique, staying away from the generic looking auto body logos. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made CH. :)

    3B DESIGNS #139
    • @3bdesigns I like the Dr image a lot. I would like to see more contemporary colors used though. I feel it has a very 80's feel with all of the Red, white and blue.

    • @racefunk Thanks a lot for your feedback CH. I will see what other colors I can come up with :)

  • Your feedback is important #144
  • Enjoy the logo I ran out of ideas #143
  • Hi, this logo is excellent, you can use this, hope you will like this, if you want anythings change so contact me. thanks. #141
  • I have submitted my entry CH. Waiting for your feedback
  • Ops miss the letter c, updated the correct one on 131 #130
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and feedback
    Thanks,. #125
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and feedback
    Thanks,. #121
  • The Revision and sampling in billboard etc.
    hope this could answer ur concept idea.
    give feedback please. :) #120
  • Simlpy Authentic Design.
    Give Feedback Please :) #100
    • @Admiral We still really like #32 I like the color combo as well as the design. Just need to carry that over to an outdoor sign like you did on some of the others. You do great work and we've been talking about your designs. Thanks for your participation.

    • @racefunk thanks so much for your feedback. i'm working on it.

  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and feedback
    Thanks,. #119
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and feedback
    Thanks,. #118
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and feedback
    Thanks,. #117
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and feedback
    Thanks,. #116