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Winning design #74 by kris_creative, Logo Design for Wright Fence Mower, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kris_creative

Project description

logo for a farm implement company

Customers are organic type ranches, dairy farms, vineyards, etc

Needs to have a organic look or background

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  • About #74, @kris_creative Is this okay? If you need any changes just ahead.
  • Ok this is the one. Needs grass like entry #53 at top left and right #57
  • great,

    can you make Wright in little bolder type style #50
  • wright needs to be larger. Ok if fence mower smaller
  • Very close. Need Wright little bigger and you can make fence mower a little smaller #49
  • About #48, @kris_creative Like this ?
  • Need Wright to be a little smaller that Fence Mower -

    so fence Mower is largest, Wright is just a little smaller and LLC is small below #43
  • About #27, @kris_creative Of course , thanks.
  • great

    could you put Wright on top, with Fence Mower on second line and then small LLC on third #27
  • About #27, @kris_creative Thanks
  • I like this can you change Mover to Mower #20
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made changes, I hope you enjoy it, if you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina.
  • About #18, @kris_creative Of course
  • Mower as opposed to Mover

    Can you make Mower larger and put llc below #18
  • can you put in darker green #10
    • About #10, @lireson sure, one moment please. thank you!

  • can you take out one cow and put in a horse #6
  • can you make cows look les like deer and more like cows #1
  • drawing in green and name in another color #13
  • very good. but animals are deers and need to be cows #1