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Winning design #39 by jobayar2436, Logo Design for Wright Media Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jobayar2436

Project description

We are a digital media company. We want a powerful logo. We give company analytics, charts etc to show performance. We're all about performance.  We need a powerful logo designed.

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  • Hey, you designed our Gibr logo and I like your work. Can you submit a few more designs? A few different ideas would be great
    • @kwright1 I really like to, but the contest has expired and it is impossible to submit new designs :(

  • can you do a blue and silver?
    • yes sir, I can change the color, but the time has expired for new submit and submit button is disabled.

  • can you also do a navy and gold color? #39
    • Sure. But How How i Show To you I have No submit Option to me

    • i Complete your requested modification But How i show to you ?

  • I like the "WM" design but I don't like the font use in "Wright Media". Can you try something else? I like navy and gold and navy and silver. thanks #42
  • can you try using some different fonts for "Wright Media" I like the circle design #39
  • :-) lake this? #319
  • i hope you like this Sir... :-) #317
  • @kwright1 Feedback please. Thanks #311
  • @kwright1 What do you think? #309
  • please checked it,thanks #308
  • please check my design,thanks. #307
  • please check my design,thank you. #306
  • please check my design and please coment,thank you #305
  • :-) #300
  • :-) #297
  • please checked it,thanks #296
  • please checked it,thanks #294
  • wright media #284
  • wright media #278
  • wright media #277