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Winning design #44 by finestroke, Logo Design for Writer Bull Contest
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designed by finestroke

Project description

This is a website that will be a directory of writers and journalists.  I have an idea that it will be a cartoon figure of an anthromorphic bull sitting at a typewriter looking like a journalist of some sort.  If you Google Image Search "old time journalist", it should give you some really good ideas of the 'look' that he should have.  The picture can both be head on or from the side.

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  • Hi there ,I've sent in a couple of designs let me know if you need any changes ,colors ,fonts,or anything at all.
    • About #54, let me know about any changes that you have in mind ,colors ,fonts,or anything at all. i'll be more than happy to do them. have an awesome day :) Cheers!!

  • this is terrific...can you keep all your entries included - I liked all 3! Also, can you have one of this bull, no smile, no head tilt, no tongue. Thanks for your entry! #46
    • huh? This guy isn't smiling has no tongue and only his hat is tilted. I generally do not like making changes because that is more in the category of Hired design work but i will re-add the other 2 entries.

    • I am not trying to be difficult. I am confused since this entry does not have his tongue or smile. I am new to this system coming from a freelance bg. It is frustrating as I am learning a lot of contest holders are suggesting changes taking elements from multiple entries and frankensteining them together, etc, with no deposit or $$ exchanging. People are already getting a wide range of ideas for pennies on the dollar. For $223 youself have 50-60 options. That is amazing and some contest with 300 submissions are literally getting an idea a dollar.

      Sorry for the soapbox Im just trying to get along and understand.

  • hi @jrmandell Hope do you like my entry..Thanks #51
  • this is terrific. Is there any chance you could do 1-2 others just adding in some details(maybe a different color hat as well?). Thank you for your entry! #36
    • @jrmandell Hi JR, are you leaning towards flat style on the logo? Thanks, finestroke

    • @finestroke what do you mean when you say 'flat style'? Face on or from the side?

    • @jrmandell Something to do with the color fills on the logo. Do you want just solid colors or with shadings?

  • its terrific - can you submit one with this angle and the old face but without the tongue...I liked the "less happy" look on him. #45
  • About #44, @finestroke

    Hi CH, thank you for the pleasant feedback. Here another colors, please check. I hope you like it. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  • love your entry. Is there anyway to have his head not tilted and not to have his tongue stick out. Lastly, it would be great to have him sitting without the background cabinets and clock. #40
  • like the idea but he looks too much like a moose. Anyway to make him more bull-like in his features? Thanks for your efforts! #31
  • please provide your feedback #42
  • Dear CH,

    I've made the design look more minimal and sleek so that it can be also used as an app icon. Please, leave me some suggestions on how to improve this logo even more.

    Regards, RS. #41
  • Dear CH,

    I've also made another version of the logo with thicker lines to give it more of a old style, cartoon feel. Please share your thoughts on it with me and I'll make some more improvements.

    Regards, RS. #39
  • Dear CH,

    This is the first concept for the logo design of Writer Bull. I used pastel colors to make this logo more mellow and stand out. I also added the name of the character on the typewriter so that you won't have to add text under your logo. If there is anything that I need to improve, please let me know and I shall work on it right away.

    Regards, RS. #38
  • About #36, @finestroke

    Hi CH, please check my design entry #36, I hope you like it. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  • @jrmandell What do you think #26 ?
    • @jvrivera Why did you withdraw your designs? I really liked them!

  • love the typewriter...the Bull is still a bit too menacing looking #20
  • think this is a great take on it - would be great to have some more details in the picture and perhaps a lesss menacing looking bull...like one that is focused #22
  • About #19,

    Hello CH,

    Are there any elements you don't like or would like me to improve? I will work on it a bit more, so if you have any requests just let me know.

  • This is really cool - I like it. #13
    • About #13, @jrmandell
      Thank you very much.
      what should I improve?

  • this is terrific...could you have the same design but with the bull head on to the viewer rather than a slight angle. Also, perhaps a design of the bull slightly less disheveled. #18
    • Hello CH,

      Thank you for the rating and feedback. Here's the revised version - #19. Let me know what you think.

      Best regards,

  • its ok but I'm really looking for other designs of the bull...for instance, I don't love the vest that its wearing
    • @jrmandell ok .... good luck

    • @jvrivera any chance you can change the vest/hat....it looks good but he kind of resembles a tango outfit

    • @jrmandell ok i will do that... do you like aggressive face and more masculine bull ?

    • @jvrivera just slightly change the clothes on your bull and it will go a long way. I uploaded some more pictures of "reporter" clothing. You could also do a google image search for "Cartoon Reporter". One other Designer nailed it on the clothes - check out the other entries. Thanks again and good luck!