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Winning design #5 by alberthio, Logo Design for www.bostontechmom.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alberthio

Project description

My website is a resource for parents who want to inspire their kids (grades K-12) to learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). 

The goal with my website content is to help parents spark curiosity and promote exploration of the STEM fields for their kids in the K-12 age in a fun and instructive manner.  I cover four main fields: science, technology, engineering and math but there are too many to incorporate into one logo. Instead, I think an image that conveys ideas/learning, curiosity, and a nod to tech would serve the purpose.

I like the idea of a light bulb because it signifies ideas.  A gear(s) is visually interesting to me because it is tech related (a bit retro, I guess) but implies movement, connections, and mechanisms.  
I don't have a logo today-- I just use the name "BostonTechMom" with a tagline. My brand has become "BostonTechMom."  

In regard to the name, BostonTechMom (all one word, no spaces), I like the direction of the font I chose and I like the gray color (unless you think there is something better). If I stick with gray, I think color in the imagery will help liven it up.

Logo wise, I would like to incorporate imagery with the name "BostonTechMom." I don't want it to be cutesy because I'm appealing to a big range of ages for kids. I would like it to be clean and professional but approachable (because I'm a writing as a mom).

Although I've got Boston in the name, I don't want Boston imagery.
  • Would love a standalone logo (BostonTechMom) and then one with the tagline (especially since it's a long one).
  • I would also like to use the graphic for my Twitter page and FB page (the small image).

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  • About #5, @alberthio Hi Alberthio. I like the new version, with the simpler, thicker font. I am really pleased with what you created and would like to go with your design. When you send me the files, please include the logo with tagline, without the tagline and could I also get the light bulb/gear separate? I would like to use that image for Twitter and Facebook. If I could get them sized for Twitter and Facebook, I would really appreciate it! In addition to jpeg or png, could you please provide the source file so my web designer can use it for my site?
  • Dear @cyndireitmeyer , Please review my idea for your logo. I have been waiting for your feedback. Thank you very much. #6
  • Hi, this is the simpler and thicker font version, thank you. #5
  • Hi, so here the short tagline version, thank you. #4
  • About #2, @alberthio Hi Alberthio! I really like your design. Here are few comments: I realize my tagline is WAY too long. Could you try a version where it is just "A parent's guide to raising a Future Techie"?

    I like the colors you chose and the lightbulb/gear. I like the font. Could I also see another option where the font is a little simpler and maybe a bit thicker? I like how you made the "Tech" pop with the blue color.
    • @cyndireitmeyer Thank you, I'll send the next design soon.

  • Dear @cyndireitmeyer , Nice to take apart in your contest. I hope my idea will be accepted and makes you're satisfied. Any feedback from you is the important thing for me #3
  • Hi, I make the logo using a light bulb and a gear, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything. Thank you. #2