Thank you for the logo! I would recommend it to anyone in need of a logo and I would definitely recommend working with MIBDesigner. MIBDesigner has been great to work with, he had a quick reaction after giving feedback for minor changes and has been a great first experience with this system. The only thing I didn;t like was that some submissions where takend away after I had see them and chosen to give some feedback. They just disapere and the designner as well with all the designes without any notice or nothing...

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Winning design #56 by MIBDesigner, Logo Design for www.jcconcha.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MIBDesigner

Project description

We need a logo for the website. The colors and/or typography we would like to use it back on the website.

The company is just a one-man company. He does neuromovement-cranial. Helps especially children but adults too with dysfunctions in the brain through different technics with his hands.
We will like something with 2 hands, for example, something with nature/tree or leaves as it has to do with nature and fluid movements of the brain that helps repair some damage. So 2 hands holding a tree, a leave, or whatever you can think that is subtle, not to complicated.
We think colors as different blues, green, orange could be in it..as they are colors that transmit natural, positive feeling. But please feel free to send other options if you can think other options.
Juan Carlos Concha Should be on the logo company name under or included.

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  • I hope you will consider on it and i am waiting for your feedback........... #94
  • About #56, @MIBDesigner

    Font: BrowalliaUPC

    Amarelo Escuro ( R 163, G 117, B 44)
    Verde Marciano Escuro (R 101, G 119 , B 66)

    Muito Obrigado!
    Feliz semana!

  • Hello,
    I've uploaded some designs, It would be so good if i receive feedback from you Feel free to ask for any changes!! #85 #87
  • Please check #79
  • Please check my entry #78
  • I hope you will like it and please tell me for any modifications #58
  • I revised the design to give the trees space from the hands. I have a few more edits I'll be uploading, please feel free to ask for any other adjustments! :) #37
    • @sumalid96 I don't know what is going wrong, but your designs are gone. I can't see them anymore. Please let me know if you took them out or a moderator has done that...is very strange.

  • A realistic version of brand #40 in real life #43
  • Different color pick for entry #40 #42
  • Different color pick for entries #40 #41
  • Hello, I have decided to create a couple of hands with 3 leafs above to comunicate stillness and peace. Hope you like it, thank you for the opportunity, YoursTrultSC. #40
  • Hands are at an angle. #38
  • Hi, Thanks. We really like this one too.
    Can you please send us a version where the tree has roots to the hands and the tree a bit higher is more full the cirque. And the color I would choose more the blue of the upper leaves instead of the green like now it has in the cirque and the hands.
    And can you please put instead of jcconcha.com. Just Juan Carlos Concha. Thank you
    • @andreaporcelli76 Hi, I am very grateful for your comment. now I have uploaded according to your request. please see #16 & #17

  • We like it but we would like other options of typography. And can you please maybe put Juan Carlos Concha instead of JC Concha?
    thank you #13
  • About #10, @egner thanks for the feedback. Font name Resamitz.
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check new design. Thanks. #13
  • Thank you. I like the logo but maybe is to abstract for what we need now. I do like a lot the font you have use. Which one is it? Is it a google font anyway? #10
  • Thank you! We really like this one. Maybe could be better if the (orange part of the tree is taller and fuller like a tree in the hand? #5
  • Thank you so much. It looks great. Maybe it could be better if there was some space between the hands and the tree. The hands now are in the tree... #6
  • please chack.. #4