My overall experience with Design Contest was great. I was able to get a great new logo for my podcast and had a lot of artists willing to work with me in order to achieve that. Perhaps the worst part was that everyone who submitted a design cannot win. I tried to provide as much feedback as I could, when I could. We had 100+ entries, and while some of them were pretty awful, others were extremely innovative. Perhaps the one negative we had was that a design we were strongly considering from an artist who was very helpful, talented and eager was removed from our choices without us being given a reason as to why. The artist messaged us that she was flagged for some type of design infringement, but this was never conveyed to us nor was the legitimacy of the claim verified. In particular, this artist was being strongly considered for first place, and certainly would have finished in second place had her designs not been removed. While we certainly appreciate Design Contest's help in avoiding future copyright / legal trouble, we would have liked to have been notified somehow as to why the design was removed.

$275 paid

128 custom designs

34pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #50 by Asiral, Logo Design for www.ordinarymarathoner.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiral

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my podcast, Ordinary Marathoner.  The logo should be simple, fun, and easily recognizable.  It may be different colors, but should also be adaptable to a 1-color design to put on t-shirts and other apparel.

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  • Please feedback. thanks #126
  • Hello Contest Holder, Can you please give me some feedback #124
  • We like your other single-icon design... the only reason we like the double-icon in the other one is b/c one is male and one is female. #83
    • About #83, @milecastmedia ok sir i am understand,thanks for feedback

    • About #83, @milecastmedia ok sir i am understand,thanks for feedback

    • @milecastmedia My design is nothing to report, but the original design of my work.

    • @Hany22 Did you pull your designs? Where did they go?

    • @milecastmedia disain saya dapat infranction,tapi jelas itu murni hasil karya saya,saya sudah komplain ke pihak design contest,namun belum ada tanggapan

    • @milecastmedia somehow I do not understand why I get infarction design, I have reported to the design contest but there is no response, the design was purely the result of my work, can you help me in this matter? thank you

  • Too much of a grayish color scheme. #96
  • From a distance it looks like the guy is crapping lightning.
  • We appreciate your efforts. These aren't really what we're looking for. I think it's too much black, but thank you. #106
  • Here's another approach. Hope you like it. Good luck #102
  • Here's my revision. Hope you like it. Good luck #100
  • you respond I give my best. txs #94
  • you respond I give my best. txs #93
  • Thank you all for your entries. We have tried to comment on as many as possible. At this point, we don't want to waste anyone's time by requesting revisions to concepts we are not considering, even though we realize some of you have put a great deal of effort and pride into your work. We feel like we have a few contenders and will be making our decision on Saturday.
  • Image does really give us a "running" feel. Looks more like a swimmer. #74
  • Don't like the bib on this guy
    • About #67, @milecastmedia

      Okay sir, I can fix it, thanks for your advice.

  • We aren't in the yoga biz... yet. #77
  • Kinda cool but too unisex w/ just the girl image. #78
  • This dude is pretty jacked... doesn't look very "ordinary." Great t-shirt though. #81
  • Interesting concept, but we're just not feeling it. #68
  • Imaginative, but a little over-dramatic into the finish line. #71
  • how about it? thank you. #83
  • another approach. Hope you like it. Good luck #78