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Winning design #61 by millagraphic, Logo Design for WWW.PUMPKINCITY.COM Contest
Gold Medal

designed by millagraphic

Project description

We are looking to update our company logo (see attached) Our corporate name is PUMPKIN CITY’S PUMPKIN FARM, INC.  We started this business in 1978 and have three distinct seasons:  1) Pumpkin City’s Pumpkin Farm 2) Pumpkin City’s Christmas Trees 3) Pumpkin City’s Strawberries.  Our original logo is 40 years old and we have looked into updating in the past, but would like to keep our brand still recognizable to our customer base.  We are thinking of having the logo say PUMPKIN CITY and add Pumpkin Farms, Christmas Trees, and Strawberries depending on the season we are in.  You can see the three logos currently being used on our website www.pumpkincity.com  .  

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  • We're looking to pick your design. One ask, the vines at the top look a bit like "mickey mouse ears." Can you maybe have the vines going outward or taken off? Defer to your artistic taste as to what looks best, but that simple change will put you over the top and we'll likely pick this design #61
    • @dderentz Hello, thanks for the feedback :) I can make changes only when this competition is finalized, of course, if you decide that my design is a winner. As for the format, I usually work at client's request so I can send you whatever format you are looking for (AI, EPS, PSD ... ) My Best, Mila

  • This is coming in as a strong favorite contender. We are just waiting on a few more responses. #64
    • @dderentz Hi. Thanks for feedback. I will make any changes of design which are necessary for you. Thanks.

  • This one is popular, but with some color tone changes needed in pumpkin. We are still reveiving and waiting on comments by our focus group on logo update. #66
    • @dderentz sir thanks for your feedback....if you are selecting this entry as winning entry...all needed changes will be done in the finalization phase....

    • @dderentz sir thanks for your feedback....if you are selecting this entry as winning entry...all needed changes will be done in the finalization phase....

  • This is in the top 3 contenders for a strong possiblity for a new updated logo. #67
  • Currently with the focus group comments this is coming in as a favorite. #61
  • The comments from our focus group say they like this as an online presence, however, for a public in season logo they have reservations. #9
  • They like the pumpkin, but without it melting. #19
  • About #67, @designlab_SHOZEB This logo is getting likes from our focus group for new logo update. I'm still waiting on a few more responses to make my final decision.
  • About #64, @mmkdesign Votes are coming in positive on this logo. We are still waiting on a few more of our focus group customers to respond with their picks.
  • About #61, @millagraphic The votes are coming in positive for this logo. We are waiting on a few more choices from our focus group customers.
  • About #61, @millagraphic
  • Thanks for the feedback! I've managed to try out a different font but due to a shortage in time updating the leaves was kept to a minimum for now. Cheers and thanks for viewing. #76
    • @designlab_SHOZEB

      This is a possible contender. I will show this to our focus group staff for feedback.

    • @dderentz Thanks for your feedback............

  • Thanks for viewing! #52
    • @Jcdf I like the left one better. The font is a bit too western for me and leaves need graphic updates. I will show this to our focus group staff and see what they think.

  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #53
  • I create a design from your original logo by updating the graphics, colors and fonts that are clean.
    If there is an input, I am ready to make a revision for you sir. Thank you
    Regards #46
  • your feedback pliz... #45
  • your feedback pliz... #44
  • alright no problem i will sure do that
  • I would like to drop the strawberry and tree concept idea. It's too different from our original logo. Our focus group customers keep telling me to keep original look just give it an update graphically and clean lettering. #41