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Winning design #27 by basso82, Logo Design for www.sjkglobalkc.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by basso82

Project description

We a company specializing on producing medical test reagents. Our website is, www.SJKglobalkc.com

We are working with molecules and antibodies so these elements can be incorporated in the design or into the lettering. In our assays Antibodies bind small molecules, stylistically this can be represented as an antibody "Y" shape interacting with a molecular structure (see in attached file). 

I am attaching images of small molecules, and antibodies for stylistic reference, of course an internet image search for "antibody"/"molecule" will yield plenty of images as well.

Main color scheme should be cool with medium to dark blues, smaller design elements may be accented with brighter colors. 

Stylistic elements representative of the globe such as an circle oval, rounded, swoosh, may be added if they do not over complicate the rest of the design. 

I am not asking to use any of the designs in the attachment directly, these are  just suggestions and your design may lack or represent these elements in your own unique way. I value your creativity.

 Thank You!

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