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Winning design #101 by tetplus, Logo Design for www.thebarbiegirls.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tetplus

Project description

Re-design our logo based on the fact that our business has changed significantly since we first started out 4 years ago and the logo is not as relevant and can actually be misleading. We also want to change our colour scheme. The name of our company is The Barbie Girls and we are purely online, selling top quality fresh seafood and meat to families across Singapore. Our aim is to bring the best quality, clean, pure, ethically produced seafood and meat from around the world to Singapore at an affordable price to families. The business started off with only selling top quality NZ lamb and we mainly sold cuts that were good for the BBQ (hence the name). We then added beef and the BBQ theme stuck. We now have a whole range of chicken, seafood, hams, bacon, etc (see website) and the BBQ theme is not relevant any more. We actually want to move away from that perception but don't want to change the name as we are quite well known and people remember the name easily. We need the logo to demonstrate what we sell and to give the message that we only sell pure, clean produce, as nature intended. We might change our name one day but not yet. The feel should be clean, ethical, pure, quality, good value (not cheap but I don't want it to have the feel of being really expensive either). Wholefoodsmarket in the US is a similar brand to us, albeit a lot bigger (!) and they sell a much broader range than we do. I don't want the logo to be naff or cheesy. It should be classic, simple, elegant. The colours I'd really like are navy, cream and light grey but they have to be "color-safe web" colours and the only cream I have found is quite yellowy. The main colour should be navy blue with the second colour probably being cream or white. No images of women please, no images of barbecues, no images of animals or fish. We could have the logo as saying "The Barbie Girls, Purveyors of Fine Foods" (the words "Purveyors of Fine Foods" would probably go underneath The Barbie Girls). The concept of "farm to table" is what we promote and bring to people in Singapore. We respect nature and the environment and want to support smaller producers/farmers and bring their delicious pure products to Singapore. We believe that animals should be well treated and that nothing bad or nasty should be added to their feed, or the meat, in order to promote quicker growth, prevent disease etc. Natural is what we believe in, which in turns brings good quality, excellent tasting produce.

I have added our old logo for your information but must stress that I want to move away from the barbecue image.

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  • Hi @tetplus. I like this one (so no box). Let's keep the mountains and cow. Can we go back to 1 leaf. Can the other side be a simpler fish? Just the outline, facing up as if it is a salmon leaping? I'd like to finalise this asap and accept your design, it just needs tweaking slightly. Thanks. #24
    • Hi @sasha1, I just submitted two new entries. It is difficult to do what you asked because it unbalances the logo. Please, take a look to the changes I have made and let me know what are your thoughts. Thank you, tetplus

    • Hi @tetplus. I've taken some time over the weekend and had some comments from my IT team. This design - #52 - is my favourite but I'd like a small change. Can the small leaves be moved to the left bottom of the main leaf so that we can centralize the cow and make it larger. There's no need to keep the logo so rounded but I do want it to be symmetrical. Please remove the fin from the fish or use a plainer fin as I don't like the "finger" effect and want to keep the simplicity. My competition expires tomorrow so please get back to me as soon as you can. About #52, @sasha1

    • Hi @sasha1 I removed the old leaf and designed a new one. The cow is larger and centralized. There are two new versions of the logo and both of them look simple and symmetrical. tetplus

    • Hi @tetplus, #95 is best. Size of mountains and cow perfect. For fish and leaf, please revert to shapes in #52 - more elegant - with the new fin on the fish. No small leaves. So mainly stick with #96 but just revert to the more elegant leaf and fish with no small leaves. Then I think we are done. Thanks.

    • Hi @sasha1I submitted a new entry. if there are other changes to make at the logo, you can award my design because we still can work with the logo before you close the contest. Thank you, tetplus

    • Great. @tetplus. Please centralise the cow and make the fish and leaf very slightly smaller. Then I will award your design. Thanks. About #99, @tetplus

    • @sasha1 I centralized the cow and made the fish and leaf slightly smaller

  • Logo symbolizing meat. #87
  • Please give feedback . Thanks #76
  • Dear customer,
    I would like to present to your attention my vision of your company's logo. Hope you'll enjoy it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,
    Jim Reedman #65
  • About #54, @dierte15....thanks
  • Fish on the logo is a clear association, and its tail ends with two leaves
    symbol of healthy food. #41
  • Good day. I tried to make "natural motifs." One option with your flowers and others with the proposed replacement. How do you? #3