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Project description

Company name: The Great Western:

The business. The Great Western is a resource sector focused tavern / function centre in the city center,  where the resource sector goes to do business, celebrate wins and commiserate loses.

The venue is in the heart of Perth’s Central Business District, Perth is a global hub of mining and oil and gas, as well as being the most isolated capital city in the world.


The Great Western has a playful branding position. We are proudly patriotic, but not above comedy. A brand that does not take itself too seriously is far more impervious to criticism.


Target market: white-collar professionals in the resource sector, the guys on sites (in the outback) as well as the guys in the office. Age group, 21 to 60, high education, (engineering) high income, technically, scientifically, and analytically minded, ethnically diverse.


Venue tag line:  Expand networks, build relationships, consolidate friendships.


We have no direct competitors, except to say, every bar in Perth. We will be strongly differentiated and focussed.


Logo needs to be contemporary, yet representative of historical mining in WA. While the bar is targetting the resource sector, i.e. oil n gas and mining, I think to try to say resources, not mining, is going to the tricky, however, I am open to ideas.


Ideally, can be reproduced 3d, so we can 3D print them and use the logo around the venue.

We will also need to work as multi-colour and single colour design.

Will need to work both as vertical/narrow situations as well as horizontal/shallow situations.

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  • this my design, thanks #123
  • thanks for comment my design
  • thanks for the feedback my design # 76 , # 77
    please check my design after the change
    • @susanto Thanks mate, your work is great, I will get back to you once i've spoken to the team. Excellent work.

  • Let me know what you think of this more simple layout. Personally I think it's more elegant/professional looking than any of my others so far, despite its simplicity. But it's what YOU think that matters here, so let me know. Thank you. #113
  • Hi guys,
    A bit more information re the logo.
    The www.greatwestern.com website has a lot of images and design stuff that’s not particularly relevant.
    I have posted images related to the following comments. Please take a look, to keep your design strategy on track.
    Western Australia state colours: Gold and black.

    The logos we feel are strongest have mining headframes, so get this key to your mix.
    THANKS for your work thus far guys, it is apprecated.
  • Hey Molla, Bit too corporate in this design mate. Think maps of West Australia, mining headframe and wild west. THANKS for your work buddy. #84
  • About #51, @youth Bit too corporate in this design, we need a wild west mining feel mate.
  • About #72, @brian_bussie3 I get what you're saying. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of where I was heading. I think I'm back on the right path and will have you something new soon.
  • Bit too corporate Mohammed, we need a wild west mining feel mate. #61
  • The horns make the design feel a bit U.S, Texas I reckon. #69
  • Hey Nicolets, this is very very good, you’ve got mining, oil n gas, and managed to get a visual of West Australia. Excellent. #67
  • Hey Brian, I like the headframe and hat, however the design has drifted a little too casual. Our key clientele are cashed up mining guys. If you can make this a little more corporate, masculine it will be more suitable. Thanks buddy. #72
  • Hey Nelson, this is pretty good. I will talk to the guys and get back to you. It does mining and oil n gas well. #75
  • About #76, @susanto Excellent!
  • Hey mate, That is a great design, you’ve managed to put a gas flare on the top of a head frame, that is brilliant! If you could provided a few versi9ons keeping thjis theme I would really appreciate it. You have also done very well in the use of gold (West Australians history, well done mate!) however it makes the logo a bit two dimensional. If you can try a few versions missing it up, but keeping the structure of the design, we will be going places. Thanks again. #77
  • Hey mate, This is a bit to clean and modern. We need a mining feel which can be construed via a headframe. The rest is up to your genius. Thanks mate #79
  • Hey mate, This is really good, I like the hat idea, is suggests friendly, casual but its still professional. Can you see if you can work a bit more of a mining these in? What seems to be working best is the headframe, the classic symbol of mining. However, I do like the hat idea. thanks buddy #81
  • another design #83

  • Hi, My name is abdou and this is what I propose for your project. It's modern and professional. Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


  • Please comment,thanks #81