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Winning design #1005 by yolandayee, Logo Design for www.thinkwave.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yolandayee

Project description

We've had our existing logo for a while now and want an update.  Some qualities we want to communicate with our new logo are:

1.  Trustworthy (we store student academic records).
2.  Innovative (we are a cloud-based cutting edge product)
3.  Reliable, reliable, reliable.  (did I say reliable?)

Many decision makers purchasing our product are women, although the product is used by men, women and students of all ages.  

We are seeking the timeless qualities of a superior logo:  distinctive and simple.

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    • About #994, @pidie Please check my concept

  • Thank you for your submissions. We are humbled by the fantastic response. We will spend the next few days selecting a winning entry. Thank you again.
    • @thinkwave #1409 hope you like my entry

    • @thinkwave this is my first entry #1409 hope you like

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  • Hello. This is a great logo. Can you please provide a square image icon (similar to #1053) for this logo? We prefer this green logo over the blue logo. #1005
    • @thinkwave, hi there, thanks a lot for your feedback. here im sending a version in green with square icon. please check entry #1316. also, if you have any suggestions in this logo just let me know. thanks a lot. :)

    • @thinkwave, hi there, here's the updated version please see entry #1316. thanks

    • @thinkwave Kindly check my proposal and feedback #1409 hope you like

  • Kindly check my proposal and feedback #1409
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  • i believe my design will like you #1394, #1395
  • please look at my logo, i worked hard that this variant will be the best,
  • look at my logo, i would be happy if you like this one #1396
  • Hey. Thanks for your great comments and feedback during the contest. If you'd like to see an more revisions to #667 or any of my other entries let me know and I'll be more than happy make them.

    Thanks again, Elliot.
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  • Hi, may I enter a contest that you hold. Already thousands of designs that go, incredible :). Hopefully I can give you something to which you would expect. This is my second design for this contest, after the first has been no response from you, hopefully this time I will get a response from you :). For this design, I tried to combine all the elements of communication that you want, reliable, trustworthy and innovative as well, I try to describe all the elements in a checklist or a tick, I put on top of the letter "I" of course that all the consumers you feel right that choose you as a business partner, or tick a checklist that I put in the abstract form of cloud according to your product (cloud-based cutting edge product). I made the font own (custom font) for you and I also use the color blue and green, indicating that the company you are reliable and also trustworthy. Simple design, trustworthy, innovative, reliable, hope you like it. Thank You :) #1365
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  • hi thinkwave, i just posted a new version of my entry please check entry #1347 hope you like it. and if you have any suggestions in this logo to improve on just let me know. thanks a lot.
  • I enjoyed working on this one. I hope you like it. #1345
  • About #1238, @odamalcse Feedback Please Thank You....
  • #1064, #1063, #1062. Gracefully simple.