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Winning design #93 by graphman, Logo Design for www.vseo.guru Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

I am a serial entrepreneur who is re-branding myself and beginning a new endeavor. For this venture, I will be performing SEO (search engine optimization) for video content as a freelancer. 

My new persona is "The VSEO GURU."
I will be conducting business on a new domain, www.vseo.guru. 
In order to differentiate myself, I will emphasize the fact that I deliver search engine results that are ethical and won't jeopardize the integrity of your content.
I plan to use words like  "100% Natural Traffic", "100 Organic Results" etc.
I also plan to use the "organic" motif for my promo materials.
Just like the organic food industry uses bright greens, orange and light blue, I plan to design my website with those colors.
You can find more info on what I'm doing on www.vseo.guru

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  • i love the colors on this 1!! #87
  • My option. Please send feedback. Thanks! #142
  • Less than 4 hours left! Bring your best designs!!
  • 1 day left guys! I really appreciate the great designs. I really like #93 and #39 but I haven't made a final decision yet.
    I even found this theme to use for my website www.vseo.guru
    check it out and try to make a design that will look good at the top of the page and match the theme's color scheme.
    I will DEFINITELY pick a winner tomorrow.
  • Dear cjthemoneybroker

    As I said in my proposal logo design in #104 I will upload some designs that are just words with no icons, also I guarantee that the words logo (word mark) this is originally as you want in your comment.
    Here is, please look at it! and give your feedback .

    Hopefully you like it.
    Best Regard #105
  • Dear cjthemoneybroker,

    I realized if you interesting in word mark Logo, but here I am want to give you two choice of my logo that will be upload
    First ; Combination mark, Symbol rectangle and diagonal shape with word mark. Second the logo that you really want as you said" "like to see some designs that are just words with no icons"

    Thank You

    Best Regards #104
  • @cjthemoneybroker , here is another design with more stylized leaf and reference to video with play button. #101
  • Hello @cjthemoneybroker , here is my design with this classy & corporate font with subtle integration of a leaf for organic symbolic.
    Feel free to give your feedbacks so we can work in a efficient way. #100
  • icon tick (V) gear for the search in accordance with your consent #97
  • icon tick (V) gear for the search in accordance with your consent #96
  • icon tick (V) to search according to your approval #95
  • check my design #67
  • 1.5 hours left and I'm trying to decide between #28 and #39. This is a tough call!
  • 1.5 hours left and I'm trying to decide between #28 and #39. This is a tough call!
  • proposal #66
  • proposal #64
  • proposal #63
  • Kindly check my submission and please let me know if there are improvements you want. Thank's

    Best Regards, #62
  • @cjthemoneybroker With the word "100% Natural Traffic". #56