Hi thanks a lot for all disagners, i m very satisfied with the contest. In the future i will, if needed, again start contest with DesignContest

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Winning design #102 by SFkyiv, Logo Design for www.wingaleria.pl Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SFkyiv

Project description

Hi  designer´s,

we are Polish company,that sells a quality wine. We create now website and e-shop for our customers.
We are loking for  luxury, modern and serious design.
Wine, that  we offer, are no supermartket wine. We offer good quality wine from small wineries.
Our client target are women and man 35+

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  • About #102, @SFkyiv
    hi can you please try write win in red color
    and maybe under wingaleria write with small letter www.wingaleria.pl
    • About #102, @lyckakarel
      this proposal its the best one for me :-)

    • About #102, @lyckakarel
      you are my favorit - you win, gratulation :-)

  • sdr
    I hope you like it! #105
  • sdr
    I hope you like it! (You can see wine glasses in the logo!) #104
  • Good day! I hope you like this logo concept. Expect a review.
    Thank you! #98
  • Good day! I hope you like this logo concept. Expect a review.
    Thank you! #97
  • hello CH kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #87
  • About #68, @tukang_koran
    Hi, black background its now good
    • About #68, @lyckakarel
      black background its no good, sorry for the grammatical error

  • The gold "galeria" changed to black to stand out more...same as website. #71
  • Here is another option adding more gold into the logo. #70
  • The gold "galeria" doesn't quite work on vintage background so I presented another version on a dark wine background. #69
  • About #22, @darlenejmunro
    Hi, your drawing looks good. caan you maybe get more in "retro" style...
    • About #22, @lyckakarel Yes, of course. I did a complete makeover on next entry #36 but will also edit closer to this version. Thank you for the input.

    • About #63, @darlenejmunro
      Thx, looks good

    • About #63, @lyckakarel
      I m now thinking, write WIN ..GALERIA in red and gold also in dris proposal, can you please try it..

  • About #43, @margus
    Hi, please tray write instead W .....WG
    • About #57, @lyckakarel
      Thx looks good

  • Please check #55, hope you like it, thank you
  • any suggestion? #46
  • Same design as previous, with website here. #37
  • Retro style. #36
  • sir please check logo. #26
  • About #18, @sikdesigns
    hi this proposal looks also good
    • About #17, @lyckakarel
      can you please make "win" and galeria in diferent colors . thx

  • About #24, @sdr
    Hi, i dont like the wienglases in the front
  • Hi, can you prepare for me this picture also with the text: www.wingaleria.pl #17
    • @lyckakarel Sure no problem. Please see #18. I also added a new color scheme #19. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

    • About #17, @sikdesigns
      this new color scheme i dont like.
      Bud your first and second proposal i like very much. becground reminds me "retro" styl, can you also change the font, to be more retro..thx