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Winning design #32 by PAVIAN, Logo Design for www.acchionebrothers.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PAVIAN

Project description

I am looking for a new logo design for my company. I own a excavation/ septic installation company. Our services are general excavation,installation of septic systems, design septic systems, grading, lot clearing.

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  • Anyway to design a different A?
    • Hi Acchione, Thanks for the feedback. I'll get right on it!

    • Ok. I've chosen a bold heavy serif A. I think it has the feeling of the heavy equipment that is used for excavating and grading. Please let me know if there is any other variation that you would like to see. Thanks!

  • Hey,I`ve uploaded 2 designs, any feedback for #3 or #2? Thanks!
  • I noticed my design was eliminated, with the feedback that I am going the wrong direction. What direction are you looking for? The brief simply states that you do septic installation as well as general excavation. Given that information I went in the most logical direction, however, if you have something else in mind, knowing what you envision would help immensely with designing something that you do you like.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for feedback. Oops sorry I will fix it.
  • Interesting, but spelt wrong. Its Acchione. Instead of the wheat grass at bottom maybe an excavator, or nothing. Also some different colours. Thanks
  • Hello CH, I uploaded the design #8. Please feedback. Thanks....
  • Hi can you please resend this logo in two different blues or maybe add silver in it?
  • Hi Zenn, I like yor design. Is there the letter a and b for acchione brothers in the logo or am I just seeing things. I like the color choices.
  • Hi CH, I uploaded two different designs #18. One with shied and other one with excavator. Please feedback. Thanks.
  • Hello CH, please have a look on #36 it's redressed version in blue and gray,and please give me a feedback ,how you feel about it. Thank's
  • Ok I understand. Can you please take the AB logo from #31and insert it onto # 24 and leave the colour and lettering the same? I feel the AB logo in #31 is more defined with the silver under line. Thanks.
    • CH, here is the latest one #32. Hope I got it correctly. Thanks

  • Sorry in the black background only.
  • Can we talk by phone? Or not?
    • Hello CH, Thanks for all the feedback and ratings it really helps. However we can't talk over phone we designers are only allowed to communicate to Contest Holders in the contest itself and/or in a one-on-one project. But im willing to put in my best to give you the logo you wanted with all your critics. Thank You!

  • Also can you try Carolina blue and navy blue?
  • Hi and thank you for your new designs. I like this one, I have black jackets black hats and black t shirts. Your black back round it's a little hard to read. Can you space it out a bit or use a silver to out line it? Thanks.
  • One more thing can you use Carolina blue and navy blue. What it to be easy to read on a black surface.
  • Can you please turn the logo 45 degrees to the right. Thanks.
  • Hi there acchione I wanted to let you know that your contest is in expired mode waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend the contest. The designers can't reply or submit entries in an expired contest. I wanted to also let you know that after you choose a winner you have 7 days to work with the winner on changes you may need or want. Please let us know if you need any help Thank you
  • Hi can you use a different type of font for the Acchione Brothers Construction. I am a little worried about it being too hard to read on a black background.