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Winning design #27 by xckel, Logo Design for www.offroadcarts.com.au Contest
Gold Medal

designed by xckel

Project description

Logo design needed for our Australian business that sells off road carts, ATV's, Quad Bikes and generators. The name of the business is Goulburn Off Road Carts and those are the words to appear in the logo, as well as a image depicting an off road cart like the ones depicted on the website - the Twister Hammerhead Carts. Logo needs to be able to fit in the top area of the website where the current logo is positioned, and also be able to be enlarged for the wrapping of vehicles and trucks, price tags, invoices and servicing stickers that are applied to the products. Design preferably is bright and modern, with a feel that shows this is an extreme sport etc. There is a pattern emerging of everybody emphasising the word Goulburn. When in fact the business is called Off Road Carts, located at Goulburn. Perhaps some submissions where the emphasis is on the Off Road Cart bit?? And remember to include a image of a off road cart, the type are called Twister Hammerhead Buggies

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  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/www.offroadcarts.com.au/entry/1/ Only one design per canvas is allowed, you can change colors or position of icon/text, but you can't submit different font or icon style on single canvas
  • Hi Contestholder, I have submitted #5 Please let me know your feedback on the design so I can deliver the best one for you. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks&Regards,
    • I like how you have incorporated the buggy into the design, that is something the client wants (I am the web designer btw) but I found that when I tried to stuff all the detail into that small of an area it looks like a mess. If you figure out how to do that..[plus the logo will primarily be on top of that blue colour that is on the website so clean, harsh whites will stand out well. I would much prefer a shoebox design - one that fills a rectangular space (on it's side ofc)than a square or a design not using the entires space available. The space available is 255px x 75px. I look forward to your next submission.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I will get it started and submit the next design.

    • Hi Sir, Please check the Design #6. Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks

    • Hi There, Please check the design #7 . Looking forward for your approval. Thanks&Regards,

    • I have submitted them to my client for his opinion, I will answer you later probably.

    • Thanks for confirming. Look forward for your Client approval.

  • hi towncountrywebd, i posted my entry#8 hope to hear feedback from you thank you.
  • All logos must be in vector format, you should not use images. and please make one design concept per entry.
  • Ok Ch, I will work on it. Thanks for the comments...
  • The client has asked if you would be able to a) move the Off Road Cart to the left b) remove the ATV totally c) replace it with a Generator, any style you think looks good, you may pick from the website. d) just do the generator in the same colour as the ATV etc. Thankyou
  • Hi ch, please see my entry #31. Sorry for the large file :) you can view it just click the image & press ( hold Ctrl. and scroll the mouse backward/forward)... please let me know if you have comments. thank you :)
    • The work is very good, we would like to contact you after this contest as well please in regards to work. Please contact town.country.web.design@gmail.com - Good Luck

  • We really like this one but you have not done any of the alterations we requested. Can you please remove some of the "dirt splatter" coming off the wheels, can you please show us it on the blue background like on the website, and can you make it so it has a chrome or metal finish please.
  • Looks good, lose the ruck - there is nothing to do with monster trucks here. Replace it with a off road cart (on the web site) but put the cart at the side, not on top in order to maximize the use of space
  • Hi Ch. please see my entry #27. please let me know if you have comments. Thank you
  • Can you try to make the cart on the logo a bit brighter? Otherwise it is very good use of space, colours, theme and feel.
    • hi towncountrywebd, here's entry#26 i added brightness to the tires and and other parts of the cart hope this work. thanks

  • Could you please make the design and the doc it is submitted on smaller - we cannot view it easily. We have to scroll back and forth to look at it. Cheers'
  • hi towncountrywebd, here's the new version of my entry #24. hope you like it. thanks
  • Can you please show me that design on a blue base - the same blue as the website. But it looks really good.
  • Hi ch. please see my entry #23. Please let me know if you have comments... Thank you
  • Hi towncountrywebd, just posted entry#20 #22 hope to hear feedback from you thanks
  • feedback as per the other design of yours
  • That is a little boring and you have misspelled Goulburn.... Can you put a picture of a Twister Hammerhead Off Road Cart next to the logo - google them.
  • Interesting design, but is there some way to utilise the space above the wording better? Also the logo has been done with an ATV again, it is supposed to have a Off Road Cart such as you will find on the website. Google Twister Hammerhead Carts. Can you use a metallic finish on the word Goulburn?