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Winning design #67 by prabhuganga, Logo Design for WWW.SKY-RIDER.COM Contest
Gold Medal

designed by prabhuganga

Project description

Please reference www.sky-rider.com for information on our company. Please incorporate some type of reference to window washing systems. Instead of sky rider equipment company inc use sky rider custom facade access. We would like an upscale font for our name and an ICON (one with a name and one without a name). ICON to be very simple, think Apple, Nike, Toyota, Benz, BMW, Lexus, Chevy, etc. Experiment with different solid colors for the font and ICON. All files must be provided in Vector form preferred in Illustrator. Logo design, business cards, slogan/tag line (no more than three words).

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  • Hi again, We want to see the design without the cage but with those two colors, keep " custom façade access" and add the two lines on the side of the words from your initial design. Also once that change is done can you experiment with different shades of blue? We want to see which combination stands out the most. Thanks, Karina
  • Hello, Thank you for your entry, we are wondering if you can make some changes to it just so we can see how it would look. Can you change "Rider" to a Navy Blue? Also can you add the cage underneath your design( please reference old logo) and lastly instead of saying "Ride Sky High" can you replace that with "Custom Façade Access." Thank you! Karina Thank you!!!
    • Hi Karina,thanks for your feedback. Here's #5 designed as per your requirement. I hope that's what you asked for in the feedback. Feel free to suggest any changes that you want to see in the designs. Thanks!

  • Hello, So sorry, now they want to see the exact design but with the two little lines on each side of " custom façade access." Thanks, Karina
    • No problem, just don't hesitate to ask for more corrections if you need. I'll be more than happy to do so.. :) here's #20. Thank you

  • Hi Again, There is one more thing my management would like to see. Can you make "RIDER" lowercase except for the "R"? and also can you bring down the cage lower so it looks like the cage is the "dot" for the "i", and change the color of just the cage to the same blue as "rider"? Thanks, Karina
    • Hi,thanks for your feedback and comments. Sorry,I may not use the cage as the dot for the 'i' because this idea has already been used by someone else in the contest(#17). Please have a look at #41 in which the whole 'i' is the cage suspended from cables and all other changes included. Thanks

  • Hi! I was just wondering how you felt about my previous entries (#19 and #21). I have a newer version with a more realistic platform (crosshatched lines), and I put the words SKY-RIDER.COM underneath it with the triangles on either side. I am hesitant to post this for it is my last submission and I don't want to get banned trying to make improvements if you want. Thanks!
  • Hi Karina, please see #59, #60, #61 and #62 submitted for your kind consideration. Feel free to ask for revisions of the designs. Thanks
  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/www.sky-rider.com/entry/58/ Yor design is a copy of entry #8, This is your first and only warning, please be original and respect other designers work
  • Hello, Can you put "custom façade access" back under the cage? It looks too busy for us... also add the two little lines on the side. We like how it looks with the "I" higher, please leave that part as is. Thanks, Karina
    • Hi, Please see #67 and #68 with the change s that you asked to make. Hope you like them. Thanks.

  • Hi, Ok, so they have another idea. Can you shorten the platform so it is just under "sky" and then write out "custom façade access" under "rider"? Thanks, Karina
  • Hello again, For this design the managers would like to bring up the "I" to be at the same level as all the other letters and go back to CAPS just with the color difference. Also, they want "cutom façade access" to be written over the platform, again maybe with a different blue or even making the platform a little more simple so it does not look so busy? Thanks, Karina
    • Hello, Thanks for the feedback. Here's #63 and #64 as you suggested. Awaiting for your reply regarding those changes. Thanks

  • Hello, The managers would like to add the platform below the bottom design and at the same time have "cutom façade access" written on top of the platform. May be they can be two different colors so we can distinguish the writing? Thanks, Karina
  • Dear CH, I've submitted entry #79, #80, #81, #83 & #84 for your consideration. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design, so that I can improve it for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Dear CH, I submit a new proposal #89 for your consideration, please Tell me if there are suggestions, thank you ...
  • Hello CH, here are my designs #107 #114 Tell me what you think, I hope you like !
  • Hello, So we are getting really to choose a winner and my managers have a few questions. 1. Can you provide the logo in Vector form preferred in Illustrator? 2. Can you provide the logo so we can customize the platform to match one of our own? So that we can make changes? Thanks, Karina
    • Dear Contest Holder The winner usually provides ai or eps source files (vector) as they are market standards. After picking the winner you will have 7 more days of finalization to request for some changes if needed and some additional formats too