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Winning design #16 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for www.vidachiropractichixson.com Contest
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designed by sikdesigns

Project description

I need my logo designed like it is on the front page of my website. Plus I would like to see if someone could change the little logo guy to match the holidays. Like for halloween make his head a jackolantern or for christmas give his head a hat and beard for example....get creative with it.

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  • I like how you gave them some character on the heads but I really don't want to change my logo so much. Maybe a little updated and then a new logo head for all the holidays. The same as I have it on my website but then change the head according to holidays. Halloween, christmas, new years, valentines day, memorial day and forth of july with uncle sam hats, etc.
    • Hi CH, please see my revised design #18 & #19 hope to hear your feedback soon thanks :)

  • Very pretty but not exactly what I'm looking for. I like how you put the little guy wrapped around the ball but I'm more interested in having my logo the same as on my website and then putting some character in it according to all the different holidays that we have. Christmas with a beard and a hat, halloween like a jackolantern, valentines day, easter easterbunny ears on it, memorial day and fourth of july with an uncle sam hat on his head....etc
  • Hi, I am trying to understand your brief a little better. Do you want a totally new logo and versions of it with the man dressed up? Just checking that I am understanding right. Thank You!
  • Looking real good. Can I see this with the little man centered and above Vida Chiropractic just to see what that looks like. So far I think I like this one the best.
    • Great glad you like it. I will submit something now per your request. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Thanks.

    • looks great

    • So how does this work now? Do you send me a file with logos for all the holidays? Also there is one of the other designs that I would like to purchase for $99 but I have to wait until next month. You can forward my logos to terryloher@gmail.com. Thanks you are very good, Terry

  • Very nice just like the objective of my brief. Between you and #3
  • Hi terryloher, I am trying to make logo as your vision, but not sure is he good #13 and #14. I have each chiropractic details on "V", and + I am maked a VIDA word as copyright possible from fonts, I am maked the "V" too something on style "typography", hope you like this idea, the "VIDA" can be set as copyright product, I am open. I hope you like my starts. Cheers, krisdesign