Xenolytic Data Solutions

The process at DesignContest overall was a lot of fun and my team was amazed at the high level of talent out there that participated. I am extremely pleased with the new logo and feel we have a professional-looking start to promoting our company. We will most definitely come back to DesignContest for future logo work. Thanks!!

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Winning design #17 by intechnology, Logo Design for Xenolytic Data Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by intechnology

Project description

  • The logo should primarily be built around the Xenolytic name so that it could be used by itself but I would also like the "Data Solutions" incorporated if possible as well. 
  • We also want to explore the utilization of "XDS" as a company reference so I would also like to have a somewhat matching logo with XDS (pictoral mark). I would prefer the "X" to be emphasized or have a different color. 
  • In the case of the Xenolytic logo, I would be interested in "Xeno" and "lytic" being separate colors, but not 100% married to that; just a suggestion.
  • Our company will be marketing a data communication product called XenoComm (logo attached) and I would like to incorporate similar colors but I am open to suggestions.
  • Our company is primarily focused on building systems that create data flow/communications between disparate systems and dissimilar data types.
  • Some key words to describe us are: data flow, communication, integration, analytics, business intelligence, data sharing networks

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