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Winning design #136 by sicnarf, Logo Design for Xgen Robotix Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sicnarf

Project description

We build surveillance robots. Remote controlled rolling robots. Looking for something modern and a bit of a cool factor. Color palette: black, silver, white

If you submit 3D, metallic etc please also submit plain 2D version on a white background thank you

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  • can you stretch the logo and make it a bit wider. see #185 #136
    • @lhertel the time is expired ch. i can modify this one for you ch. There's no problem with that

    • @sicnarf I like two variations #136 and #133 of your design. I would like one for the product and another for marketing material. Do I have to choose one or can I get both because it's the same logo with different word placement?

    • @lhertel hello ch :) it only has the same typo and design/concept. i guess you can possibly use the two variations ch, for the satisfaction of your needs. No problem with that ch, I'll attach all the files needed for you. :)

    • About #136, @lhertel by the way ch you have to choose one, but i can send all the files of the two variations of my designs for you. There's no need to worry for that. :)

  • please let me know if you have further request to my design.

    thanks #175
  • fell free for comment #174
  • Can you please stretch the logo. make words bigger and make all black on white background thank you #160
  • Can you please stretch the logo? please see entry #110 also can you change the font and position similar to entry#149 thank you #13
  • please see # 143, # 128. is there any feedback?. thank you
  • Please check my design.. Hope u like it.... Thank you... #139
  • Please check up my design....hope u like it...
    Thank you...... #140
  • About #122, @lhertel
    plz check my design
  • how about this CH? #132
  • can you put the writing underneath the initials #40
    • About #40, @lhertel sure thing ch :)

  • Here's the revision that you asked for with a smaller, different font on the bottom.

    fcurtis #125
  • About #117, @Tevez Thank you for the feedback you give, I would do it and go now.

  • can you change the font and make it smaller #67
    • Do you have a style of font in mind?

      fcurtisAbout #67, @lhertel

  • About #20, @fcurtis Do you have a style of font in mind?

  • can you submit this in black on white background and gray on black background #58
  • can you submit on a white background and 3d version thanks #40
  • i would also like to see this on a white background #117
  • can you please submit a plain 2D version #121
  • can you change the font on the bottom letters