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Winning design #7 by oreth, Logo Design for  Title Express Agency, LLC. Contest
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designed by oreth

Project description

I dont want anything cartoon looking. I like the professional clean look of the logo on www.integritytitle.com. I have the name Title Express Agency, LLC. and have found that the name is pretty common for websites so I am going to do a DBA of Xpress Title Agency, LLC. I was doing a search for companies that started with Xpress and integrity title was the only one that i found that i remotely liked. I am NOT creative so its up to you. I was looking for something like a house to be incorporated into the logo since thats what the title insures but again I am not looking for something too cartoonish. It doesnt have to have a house in it at all. Just a thought. I dont want to look like every other title company. I am going to have a more playful website (not stuffy) showing pictures of our staff and how we do things with our customers. (example one of my clients races cars and we went to watch him and took video) I plan to put that on my site. I have yet to get a website either. Still in the works. A little change in plans. I spoke to someone in reference to using a DBA and he said what a pain it was. I need the logo for Title Express Agency LLC instead of Xpress Title please. Another thought....maybe use the TEA for title express agency to make the logo smaller. One of the designers on this site used his ititials for his picture and it was a Capital A with a lower case a inside. Just gave me the idea! I was viewing some of the designers work and saw and orange and black logo that intrigued me.

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  • can you incorporate orange in this somehow. I think orange would make it pop. Maybe in the E of the 3d part.
  • I like this. Can you do another with more of a fade in the colors then just the x. Also can you do the Title Express in all dark blue. Thanks.
  • We insure your title is clear when buying or refinancing your home.
  • Hi there. Apologies but what exactly does your business do? Many thanks. A
  • looking for the look of a house under the x?
  • not my color choices?
  • Lau
    About #8 & #9, thank you for your feedback, I had my doubts really about the name, I thought you were going to do a DBA, my mistake. I will rework this 2 concepts with the real name. It is a chimney, probably n to to obvious, I will explore that also. Thank you, Laura.
  • i like your other logo you created where the llc is the same font as Title Agency
  • I like the idea of using the lower part of the X to create the look of a house. It looks like the little mark could be a chimney. if you put an E in the Front of the X and and the bottom to look like a house that could be interesting. the business is refinancing or purchasing homes.
  • This is missing the E from Express? Originally i was going to do a DBA from Title Express Agency LLC to Express Title but decided not to.
  • can you do this and change out a bright green where the orange is.
  • Can you do the same font for title as you did Express. I would love to incorporate orange in there somewhere. Not sure where though. My favorite entry so far is by yusmarmn with the 3d X and the orange in the x.
  • Dear CH What about my logo #26 feedback appreciated! Best Regards Xalion!
  • Looks like TF not TE. maybe have the line under it be orange so you can tell its an E?
  • try not so much gray and too many shades of electric green. use glack for Agency LLC too. please
  • About #46,#47,#48,#49,#50 Try update with black, electric green and white and black and white Thank You yusmarmn
  • very plain
  • i have been asking other people to view the logos and they really like yours. Can you make two more like this only color revisions. Try one with black, electric green and white and one just black and white. thanks!
  • the E reminds me more of a plumbing company logo.
  • Not eye catching to me in comparison to some of the others. not sure that the ball matches the company. Its a title company. Not that I have to have a house in the design but it would make sense. I like the design with the 3 dimensional EX the best so far if that helps?