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I was amazed at how many great logos were designed for me to choose from. It was actually a really tough decision to narrow it down to just one. The entire process was simple and if I did have questions, the staff at DesignContest were always helpful. I've paid for logo design before and it usually costs the same or more and you only get the vision of one designer, limiting your options tremendously. This contest is an opportunity to see so many designs from all over the world. I highly recommend communicating with the designers what you do and don't like. It's very helpful and they are all eager to please. I give this entire experience an A+ and have and will continue to recommend Design Contest to anyone that could use them!

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Winning design #130 by PAVIAN, Logo Design for XteriorPro logo design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PAVIAN

Project description

We are a new roofing, siding, window, & gutter company. We would like our logo to be a little edgy, yet somewhat simple. Something that would also look good in black & white, not just in full color. We want our tagline incorporated, but designed so that it may also be easily removed for some marketing items, if necessary. Our tagline: Your Vision. Our Mission. Update: please stay away from pastels & pink/purple

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  • The 2nd one is alright. My only issue is that the green to the left looks like tire tracks and we almost look more like an auto detailer. I do not like 1 and 3. We're looking for more punch and those are a bit too simple.
  • Dear CH, My new entries, #23, #24, please let me know if you like this design direction. Thanks.
  • i dont know what happened with the colours,on my drawing they r not that intense,they r lighter and more calming
  • finestroke- thanks for your submission. from your logos i viewed, i like: #47 excellon, #53-audlife, #23 & #265- onexigo. i really want to see color for our web & vehicles especially. thanks!
  • mevector- thanks for your submission. after reviewing your logos i found a few that i like that might help. $246- gn and #160- common ground. i hope that helps some. we would definitely like to see more color. thanks!
  • krsbelle- thanks for your submission also. i checked your work & I like the following: #7- mojo juice, #4- leadership couples, #85 karaiskakio foundation, & #143- CFK. I do want to see color. it will pop real well on our website & our vehicles when we get them wrapped. thanks.
  • Ajldesign- thanks for your submission. i checked out some of your work. i'm looking for more color & pizzaz. i like, from your portfolio, your # 143- CFK, #217- Common Ground, #56 & 29- Storage simplified, and # 11- first resort. i know that's a lot, but i think it could get us pretty darn close to what we're looking for. thanks!
  • Hi there. #4 is my first idea for you. If you want me to alter the fonts, colors, layout etc then just ask. many thanks. A
  • if you could incorporate the P with the X and make the colors like in blue and yellow or blue and green, i think you'd be onto something.
  • i like it's uniqueness. however, it seems more like something for farm equipment or something like that.
  • this looks too much like a business that handles pest control. maybe if there was a house in it, it would look more appropriate.
  • i like the look of this, but it reminds me of a landscaping company more. not sure why. some of your others are a better choice for me.
  • i like this, but i like some of your others better.
  • i like this one. can we do it w/o the sun? just to keep it from being too large.
  • Submitted #30 and realised I didnt include the tagline in the main version so submitted #33
  • Hi CH, please take a look at my entry number #122. I'm looking forward for your feedback. thank you! :) mjclick
  • can you remove the tree and add our tag line: Your Vision. Our Mission. that will help me get a better idea.
  • ok. i didn't realize you had 2 more versions. i like this one the best. so, i'm removing your # 114 & #112. thanks & sorry for any confusion.
  • we like this. i'm removing your #115 only because there are so many to choose from. i really like this one though. the only changes i would really see would be maybe color. but the design has definitely put you in the running. thank you.
  • i really like the line you but under the house, above the name. looks great. thanks for your entry!! it's definitely in the running. the only thing that may come up to change would be color.