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Winning design #89 by hollander, Logo Design for Xtreme Logger Tracks Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

We're a forest machinery company, looking for a logo to promote our traction brand.

Logo is expected to promote masculinity, premium quality, extremity, reliability and most important of all, traction.

Traction in forest machinery business is supposed to signify, solid grip and reliability, you want to be able to drive anywhere in the forest, and get through the most difficult conditions and environments. In other words, an XTREME way of driving.

We let you flex your own creative muscles, and we will provide sample images below of what kind of industry you are designing a logo for.

The tracks are blue, so we expect you to promote a blue color in the logo, however, you are free to combine it with other colors as well.

Currently we use a font called "Hemihead" which we really like. Feel free to use this font, or use your own if you think it looks better.

Logo text is "XLTraction".

You can freely choose what you want to include in the logo, however, things that come to our minds are logs, forest machines ( with tracks on them ), or just tracks by themselves in some creative way.

That's just an idea from us, but use your own imagination.

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  • Dear client, I hope you like my design, try giving me some feedback. So I can understand you easily "... Thank you ... (There's a question just tell me ... . #85
  • Hi @viktor2097

    I have taken your comments on board and produced the following #71, #72, #73, #74

  • About #63, @hollander Looking good. The only thing that i could think of changing is the color of the dark version. Maybe fill in the traction part to have white in the middle, and add white to the details of the wheel?
    • @viktor2097 thanks for the feedback I'll try to do

  • About #58, @sjkelly07

    I like the roughness around the text. I would like to see the wheel symbol inside of the text like #43. Would also like to see it on a dark background
    • Hi @viktor2097 Thank you for the feedback, please find revised design #60, #61, #62. Any further alterations, do not hesitate to ask. Regards SJK

  • Combination of log (above) and track(below) in elegant style #57
  • Hi @viktor2097

    Please find my entry #52, #53, #54 feedback greatly appreciated

  • About #43, @hollander We like this concept.

    We would like to see the icon separated from the T like in your previous examples.

    We would also like to clean up the dirt a little. We are fine with the dirt, but would prefer to see it a little bit more elegant. Perhaps remove dirt inside of the L and a bit around the X?

    Also, the compact logo in the upper right corner, we would like to see an alternative with the XLTraction text to be stroked like in the big version.

    And at last, we would love to see this new version on both a light and dark background.

    Thank you :D
  • About #40, @hollander I would prefer to see you using the "Hemihead" font
  • Hi,
    This is my design concept for you,
    Please do not hesitate to give comments and directions,
    if the direction of my concept is not appropriate.
    I really appreciate input from clients and are able to work together.
    K. Anam #37
  • Please check my design,thank you. #33
  • XL Traction
    with a strict and strong alphabet such as large vehicle components and gear drives that play an important role in their fields.
    • @hendraprastyo000 Hello. I would like to see an alternative when you put the text on the same line to make the logo more compact

  • avo
    I propose a logo concept.
    Please check carefully.
    Let me know if there are any improvements you want,
    Thanks. :) #26
  • Hello!

    Thank you for the feedback. I have tried to balance the logo better by placing the text inside of the logo. As you mentioned before, the logo is supposed to be a combination of a wheel + tire and a log. Please respond with any feedback if you feel like this logo can be improved to your liking!

    Best regards,
    Kammerfors #12
  • About #3, @DanzQ Would like to see some icon highlighting traction combined this text
  • About #6, @Kammerfors I like the idea of combining a log and a wheel (if that was your intention or if it's just a log).

    I don't feel like the icon and text goes together the way i envisioned it. Maybe trying to combine them in some neat way?

    Interesting approach either way.
  • About #1, @imelpat It's a cool concept, but feels like something is missing. Would love to see something that really highlights it being a traction brand
  • It's definitely interesting,

    It would also be nice to see if you can come up with some icon/image with the logo. Something that highlights that it's a brand for traction. Feel free to keep it minimal/complex to your liking. good job :D