Y.E.S.-Your Energy Source

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Winning design #600 by LogoPol17, Logo Design for Y.E.S.-Your Energy Source Contest
Gold Medal

designed by LogoPol17

Project description

International Company working with the conservation of energy throughout  the music industry. We help not only Brand other companies, such as startups and Non- Profits. WE BRING THE ENERGY. 

We are looking for a specific style of logo....
Y. E. S. 

Y- The Y we would like to look like Yhen the Japanese currency 
E- The E we would like it to be like the Euro currency
S- The S we would like to be $ with 2 lines though

Your Energy Source~
Please use Music waves under letters...
we are looking for the logo to be different colors so please show variety.
I have a partnering company who used DesignContest and was so happy. Cant wait to see what Energy everyone brings... GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU!

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