Yamacho RMK, Inc

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Request for creating our new company logo:

Basically, we are a start-up company that sells a variety of sea food. We have a motif for our company's image logo (I can send you a jpeg, bmp, or png file for you to take a look at.). So, we would like to create very similar to that motif images with some arrangements. Based on the above, can we use your logo contest services? We need to have a new logo ASAP. 
Thank you so much.

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  • Would you make this ^ & 丁 twice as large? #47
    • Hello @4jscapitalmanagement I don't think trying to make it bigger. I'm just looking for a composition that I think is appropriate.

    • @DanzQ Hi, my owner is like the one you designed. But can you make the one we specified in previous msg? maybe 150% larger that portion only.

    • @4jscapitalmanagement Of course sir, we can make revisions for the next 7 days if you choose my design as the winner

  • #145 i hope you like
  • Email : tutoreditvideo@gmail.com #132
  • :) #131
  • #97 i hope you like
  • please check, thanks #96
  • please check thanks #95
  • reference from the contest holder, i improve a little bit #94
  • Please check and respond to my design :)
    thank you :) #92
  • Dear Sir
    please check it, hope you like. Thanks #83
  • im hope ur like my design.. thx #73
  • My another entry for Yamacho RMK, Inc. i hope you like it,,,thanks #63
  • Hi 4jscapitalmanagement,

    This is my logo entry for Yamacho RMK, Inc. please check it and provide feedback. thanks. #62
  • You can ask me for more color and options :D #59
  • Please don't be hesitate for any other design options to adjust for your expectation. #58
  • Please consider our motif (fish like image) and similar to this image. The tail portion of the fish is based on our head office logo (blue logo) that is marked.
    Thank you so much. Jeremy
  • Please attach the motif for the companies image logo
  • Hi,
    Allow me to take part in your contest.
    Even though I wasn't invited, I submitted a concept for your logo.
    I am very interested in giving concept ideas for this great contest.
    I always wait for suggestions and feedback,
    so that my design matches what you want.
    Best regards
    Emar P. #17
  • attractive and simple design #16
  • dapatkah anda melampirkan motif yang seperti anda inginkan ...!!