Yellow Yards Company

The whole experience of having my new logo designed through has been great. After starting my contest I had an immediate telephone cal. Probably to check my details, but there was also evry possibility to ask questions. After that the designs start pouring in and I was amazed at both the quality and the quantity of the designs. In total I had more than 300 logo's to choose from. That didn't make it any easier by the way. Once I used the help chat and there was an immediate response (thanks Vick) and the answers I got were to the point and easy. The winner of the contest not only made a great design, but Binkula was also very quick in making some extra changes and modifications. Great cooperation between India and Holland. All in all I am very positive. I can recommend this site to everyone. binkula


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Winning design #330 by binkula, Logo Design for Yellow Yards Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by binkula

Project description

Yellow Yards Company is a Dutch firm. We believe in the fact that people are responsible for their own choices and destiny. We further believe in the fact that everybody basically wants to do the right thing, be rewarded and have fun. Dysfunctional teams, broken down communication lines and lack of insight and common goals, lead to people that behave inflexible and ineffective and organizations that are less successful than they can be. We help organizations and people to understand the patterns they are in and the way they can work on better relationships, cooperate resourcefully and achieve their potential. We are specialized in (interim)change management, deliver trainings, perform coaching and outplacement and we invest in train the trainer projects and knowledge sharing. Note: I feel as if I don't want to go for yellow as a color. Using something else might be a little more "out of the box" maybe.

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  • thanks for the feedback... any tagline you want me to incorporate on the logo?
  • Still fond of the font and the way it forms a compact unity. The picture I don't get and the whole logo is a bit bleak, compared to the others.
  • Thanks for your effort. It doesn't really grab me. And I must admit that the color scheme is not my favorite.
  • Thank you for your effort. The font is very nice. We are not just an interim management cy, although I understand that one can use the loge for different sectors. The tulips are a bit too much for a Dutch company. And a bit large in this logo.
  • Very nice. Even better than the first one with the comparable visual. Would it make the total image better, if you would be able to resize the words in such a way that the visual (what is the proper name for the picture part in your logo?) would be right in the middle above yards. Get my drift? It looks a bit out of balance like this, even though it isn't really.
  • It's is different and I like the social element. The word company seems a bit awkward almost, as if it doesn't belong there. Thank you!
  • This one I like very much. Thank you. It is strong, on the other hand a bit aggressive. Could you make the yellow and black bold Y's a little sleeker?
  • Hi ids1, Thanks for the feedbacks :) please feel free to suggest some improvements or changes on my entries.. By the way, it's still 5pm in here actually.. Yours, Niff
  • I do like the classical feel it has. For me the symbol stands for both the "Y" and a road. And a choice that had to be made. So yes, best so far. (Do you ever sleep? It must be in the middle of night out there)
  • Sort of clueless to be honest. Liked the idea of a logo within the logo (tulip, the YY styling), but I can get excited fro n something totally different too I guess. Open to anything for now and probably that will lead to a more definite direction in the coming days. Right now the only thing that I keep thinking, is that there might well be a dash of yellow in it, but not dominating. A subtle hint to the name yellow yards color maybe.
  • Is there anything specific your looking for or still fishing for ideas?
  • It is with an "s" btw. Yards.
  • Thanks for clarifying that error. I was starting to create 2 designs in one. Any revisions pls dont hesitate to request. Pls try to be as specific as possible. Thanks. Few more versions on the way
  • Funny to see that the first thing that comes to mind are tulips! I feel as if I don't want to go for yellow as a color. Using something else might be a little more "out of the box" maybe.
  • Thank you for your design. the very first. I made at least 1 error typing the contest. It is Yellow Yards Company. Sorry....
  • It's Yellow Yards. I obviously made a mistake somewhere. I'l rectify it. Thanks!
  • is it Yellow "Yards" Company or "Cards" ? please let me know thanks
  • About #33 and #34, Here I used different fonts that resemble Trajan Pro, entry #33 I used Goudy Old and entry #34 I used Minion Pro font..
  • Like Trajan with UC and LC example #31 There are a few that are like Trajan with UC/LC Thanks
  • Really neat that you keep sending me new designs, but I really must say that I am not so keen on symbols like tulips and windmills. And cloaks either. I understand it is striking for somebody who lives somewhere else, but for us it is at least old fashioned. And one other thing: I don't like letters to be replaced by the picture part.