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Winning design #82 by joekong, Logo Design for yoga Centre Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joekong

Project description

Need a logo for a elegant spa like yoga studio. In the logo I would like a crescent moon, shilolett of a female in the dancers pose ( see yoga pose called dancers pose) would like it to be flowing with a bouncy ponytail. or something similar. It needs to be soft, with graceful movement, and gentle to the eyes. Would like name of studio: yoga centre. Tag line: movements for life, also Included in logo. Soft colors (Light robin egg color, shiolett outlined in black, white writting) but open to suggestions . Soft fonts, Feminine but pleasing to both genders. Simple but eye catching. Targeting women ages 45 to 70. But geared to all ages. Thanks so much for considering my logo to design. Blessings.

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  • Really like the writing on this one. Could you please thin out the moon and put the dancer pose more in the center of the moon great design. Thanks so much for your entries. Have a beautiful day.
  • I like this design. Could you make the moon more like a C. And put dancer on bottom tip of moon Would like more of a pose like the one by dreamerme. I appreciate your time.
  • Really like the flow of the pose. Would like to see the color robins egg blue used. I really like moon for the o but would like a different style of writing. Great concept. Thanks for your entry. Have a great day
  • Please use the moon / dancer pose for the C instead of the O in this dedign. Just want to see what it would look like. Thanks.
  • little more formal writing. Like the moon and would like the arm lifed more. Thanks for your entries.
  • Would like robins egg blue with with white and black. More of a dancers pose. Thanks
  • Thanks for your entry maybe move the moon around some. Reminds me of a pharmaceutical ad. But do like the movement of the crescent moon and the dot. :)
  • Good color would like creative pose. Thanks for the entry
  • Could we change the colors to Robin egg blue, black , and white. Thanks
  • Thanks for the changes. They look good. Really like moon for the letter c. Still looking for a different type of style for the lettering. Like the color changes.Getting closer to what I am looking for. Thanks :)
  • Liking this design please play with colors of light blur almost a robins egg blue, white, and black. Need to chsnge movements to movement. Mentioned in ladt message I would like to see a different style of writing thsnks could I see the frist entry with change of color only. New entry with a change in style of writin
  • Please use the same blue color as you used in #17 entry. Thanks for your time
  • Please play with the moon maybe thin it more and place moon in the shape of a C . More up right. Great pose and color. Thanks
  • Thanks for your entries. Maybe make the pose more feminine with a bounce ponytail. Like the moon. :)
  • Dear moonbowbunny, I made some changes in design, please check this version #35. Thank you. best regards :)
  • Could you play with ponytail it's a little large. Thanks for your entries. :)
  • Like this thanks for the design.
  • Hi moonbowbunny can you give me some feedback for my submission? thanks
  • Could you enclose design with a circle. Thanks for the entries.
  • Could you also enclose this design with a circle. Thanks for your reponses. :)