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Project description

The logo should be modern, but still yoga-like, should be appealing to both women and men, simple, usable in positive (in color or shades of grey) as well as negative (on colored backgrounds). yogalago is a play on words for the Italian expression "yoga al lago", meaning "yoga at the lake", since the yoga studio is situated in a town at a lake. We imagine the first "a" and the "l" to be in a lighter shade than the other letters. Or maybe you have a better idea for this. We are not sure about the color as blue, which is typically associated with lakes, is not the typical yoga color. We are open to suggestions here for another good color with a reference to a lake. The letters should be either all capital or all small letters. The logo can - but must not necessarily - include visual elements (can have a reference to a lake or be yoga related).

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  • Did not use official DC canvas
  • Black and white only in the B&W section, no grey scale
  • Black and white only in the B&W section
  • Black and white only in the B&W section
  • Black and white only in the B&W section
  • black and white only in the B&W section
  • Black and white only in the B&W section
  • did not use official DC canvas
  • greyscale not allowed in black and section only
  • grey scale not allowed in black white section only
  • Did not meet 10 post qualifing requirement
  • Did not meet the 10qualifing post requirement
  • required posts were meaningless post padding
  • Hi! I like the font and the size of the visual element in relation to the letters. Can you do a revision with a different visual element? Thanks!
  • Thanks for the desing. I like the font, but the visual element seems a bit too big (I tried to imagine it on a letterhead, if I scale it down, the letters probably get to small.). Can you do a revision with a different & smaller visual element? Thanks!
  • Thanks! Unfortunately the font is not what I am looking for, in addition there seems to be too much "noise" in the design (with the wave and the fact that the person is touching the letter y).
  • Thanks! Unfortunately not the type of font I am looking for.
  • Thanks for the design! It is somehow just not catching me. Probably due to too much "noise" in the design.
  • Thanks for the revision! Can you move the person from the first o to the side of the letters and remove the visual element on the second O? Thanks!
  • see previous comments (sorry, forgot to check the "I'd like to see a revision" box.