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Winning design #225 by Atilla, Logo Design for yogB Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Atilla

Project description

UPDATE : I think in my attempt to help you understand how to pronounce "yogb" I confused some people about what we are looking for. Our brand has nothing to do with an actually BEE....so please do not feel the need to design the logo after a black and yellow bumble bee. Thank you

We need a logo for our new product. We have created a new type of yoga mat and are calling our company "yogb" Pronounced like yoga except with a BEE. The design for this logo is completely open!! We will comment often to help designers know what we do and don't like about their designs. We currently have no preset idea of what we want. There is only one thing we know that we do want....we would like a stand alone symbol that can be printed on our yoga mats without the name yogb attached to it (like how we all know the symbol for starbucks without it actually saying starbucks).

Feel free to create logos with a lower case b or an uppercase B. We just want the logo to be obvious it is     YOG   B    since yogb together is not intuitive how to say it.

Let the creating begin!!!!

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  • Please give feedback. THanks #255
  • Please give feedback.thanks #254
  • yogB #253
  • Here is our logo design. #251
  • Symbol could be a modern form of mandala and it conveys a dynamic circular motion feeling. This logo matches every kind of colors. #249
  • I hope you like this !!!! #245
  • About #101, @Natas6a Simplicity.
  • A variation of #232. I think you might appreciate the harmonious simplicity of this design. The solid format makes it easy to print onto yoga mats and it will be clear at any size. The logo itself represents a soft lotus with the suggestion of yin and yang. #239
  • cheak my design:) #227
  • jmg
    hi! van you please take a look at #182 ?
  • Balance in another way, round and soft #210
  • About #155, @newlightdesigns.001 what are your thoughts?
    • @newlightdesigns.001 Thank you for the entry. I am not in love with this design. I also do not like the colors, too masculine for me. I am not sure I want a full body person in a yoga pose for our logo to stamp on the mat.

    • @wilkins_paul I understand.. but shall i keep the typeface?

    • @newlightdesigns.001 The font is ok, still not my favorite though. Thank you

  • Have many color variations of this. #178
  • Is this an elephants face? #145
  • relax feel... i use Y and B as a person who doing yoga #160
    • @blackzneo Thank you for the entry, I am not in love with this as I see an alienish figure.

  • playing font of YogB #161
    • @blackzneo Thank you for the entry, but this is too hard to read.

  • look this logo #163
    • @gendro Thank you for the entry, I would prefer a different font, but in truth this is not my favorite lotus flower so far

  • Dear wilkins_paul,

    Made more options... Please check..Awaiting feedback.

    Regards #169
    • @merlyn_toppo Thank you for the entry. This is very intricate and I need more time to just look at it and let it sit. They both look nice.

  • Please tell me what you think about my design. Thank you for feedbacks! #171
    • @silviabasti I like this one too....not sure which I like better. Both have positives

  • Please tell me what you think about my design. Thank you for feedbacks! #172
    • @silviabasti Thank you for the entry. I like this design, good colors, and yog b is obvious, which I like. I can see this being an easy stamp on.