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This was the first time using your services. We were very pleased, but will probably choose the privacy upgrade next time, as we noticed the designs becoming more and more similar as they realized the direction we were going. Overall, we were very pleased and may consider using you all again for a business card design.

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Winning design #20 by JCreation, Logo Design for YOU Inspired! Fitness Contest
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designed by JCreation

Project description

We are two female personal trainers who have a fitness studio specializing in working with clients one-on-one to motivate and inspire them to reshape their lives. "Reshaping Your Life" is our tag-line. We would like that tag-line to be incorporated into the logo design. We are not a gym. We have a tremendous amount of energy and passion for what we do, so we would like to have this come across in some way, in the logo design. We prefer something modern and edgy, but because we also have fun personalities, we would like that to reflect in our logo as well. Our colors are lime green (no neons please), plum-purple and white (please see colors chosen on color palettes). We will be using a stainless/brushed metal background on our website and signage, so please keep that in mind when designing with these colors. "inspired!" (lower case "i" and with exclamation mark) needs to pop out from the YOU (all caps) and fitness. We do NOT want any silhouettes of men or women in the design.

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  • #4 Designer - please see color palette selections, as our colors are not yellow or blue. please include our tag-line.
  • Thank you all for your submissions so far. It's great to see entries coming in. I would like to clarify a few things and will also update our brief: 1. We are two women trainers, not men 2. We do not want silhouettes of men or women in our logo. 3. We would prefer to use the business name and tag line only with modern, edgy font. 4. We are not a gym, but a personalized fitness studio. 5. The green in our logo is not a neon green. 6. The "inspired!" needs to "pop"
  • #17 - really like how you added to the design of the "y" and you changed the font of "fitness." Is there a way to try a similar font as the "fitness" to the tag-line? I like the font of the tag-line, but I'm not sure how well it will show up when printed. Thank you for showing the logo design in different colored backgrounds and the gray/white design, just in case we will only be able to do a one color print process.
    • Hi Ch, Iv'e send a new revision of the design as you wish...hope you like it. best regards, Junifer

  • #7 - I was hoping to hear back from you or see a revision. Really interested in where you've started...
    • Hello CH, Iv'e submitted now new revision of design...please comment on anything you think might help improve the logo. thank you

  • Hello again! In addition to #14 I added the tagline also Cheers Jack Woodward (jwoody23)
  • Hi In regards to #14 I have just submitted my entry (#14) for your logo design, I hope you like it, I tried to go for something a bit more clean and simple. Look forward to your feedback, any changes just let me know and I will be happy to amend the design. Thanks for your time Jack Woodward (jwoody23)
  • I like everything below Inspired! Can you do something more feminine with the YOU? Not digging the bicep curl.
  • #12 Designer - I like how you have the fitness going at another angle and I like the font. I like the inspired! up top. Creative idea with the measuring tape, but weight-loss is only part of our goal. Not sure if you could use the measuring tape somehow with the tag-line, specifically "reshaping" and something more creative with YOU. Overall, I like your ideas.
  • #8 - if you could include the word "fitness" and our tag-line "Reshaping Your Life" into the design, that would be good.
    • #10 I am sorry. My bad. Hope you like the revised version. Best Regards

  • #9 - too bubbly.
  • #7 Designer- I like where you're going with this. Few thoughts- can you use a darker purple, more plum colored and make "fitness" all caps in a thiner, more clean and sleek font. With the logo on gray background, can you use a lighter gray that looks more like brushed steel. I like the way you used the green and shading, but can you make it a bit lighter.
  • #7 Designer- I like where you're going with this. Few thoughts- can you use a darker purple, more plum colored and make "fitness" all caps in a thiner, more blocked font. With the logo on gray background, can you use a lighter gray that looks more like brushed steel.
  • Can you make the "fitness" and tag-line a thinner font.
  • Did you remove design #28? The font styles look different in this #29 design and I liked the previous fonts. Also can you try a gray mock up, didn't see that combination.
    • Administration is delete Design #28. because it is similar to my designs.

  • you have copied exactly entry 23
  • Can you do the same color combinations as #20
  • One other thing, our colors are plum-purple, not purple. Thank you! :-)
  • #27 - like the creativity with the "you." Please add an "d" to inspired! Can you use solid font colors instead of shading. Can you provide color combinations using our selected colors and specifically a design with gray scale on entire design and background brushed steel look? Also a black and white mock up would be good. can you also try some other font types for the text, as it looks very similar to another design and I would like to see other font options.
  • Hi Is there any feedback on my design? Is there anything you would like to see changed etc? Cheers Jack Woodward
    • Which design is yours?

    • #15 but I noticed you have commented with feedback, is there anythjng in particular you would like done with the "y"? Cheers jack

  • A few more comments, sorry. I like that "fitness" is in all caps, but think the tag-line would look better in a different font, more feminine, and not all caps.