It started off rough... The designs that were initially submitted at the beginning of the competition were not very good and I was getting quite worried I had made a mistake... But mid way through the competition a variety of new designs appeared and by the end, I had several very solid designs. It takes a lot of back and forth and giving direction on what you want; but these are capable designers that delivered a top notch product. If you have patience and give good directions you'll get great results in the end!

$475 paid

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Winning design #568 by origination, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by origination

Project description is an online time capsule for your life.  It's a safe place to store your stories, life memories, photos, etc. for future generations to come.  Our demographic is everything from the millennials who want to journal their life, the young Moms and Dads who want to write notes to their children and capture their special moments to the Baby Boomers who are starting to think about the legacy they want to leave behind...  Go to to learn more about what we do.

NOT interested in any kind of "time capsule", futuristic look and feel...  Partial to the color blue and orange (I like the shade of orange on my current website of the learn more button and the shade of blue that Capital One uses in their logo)...  Thinking the blue will be the prominent color of the logo with accents of the orange...  Open to working other colors into the design that will complement it.

Not interested in keeping any of the elements of the current logo and the look and feel of the website will be changing so don't try to match it.

I like clean fonts and not into cursive or hard to read frilly fonts.  I lean towards a thin font and not to thick.

You and Capsule should be the same color not two different colors.  

I like the thought of a symbol of some sort within the logo (this is where the orange accent color comes into play as well as possible other bright colors)

Concepts that pertain to YouCapsule and capturing your life: are Ancestory, DNA, Fingerprints, memories, leaving a legacy, capturing your legacy, leaving something behind, cherishing something...  

I apologize but I do eliminate designs fast that don't speak to me right away. If it doesn't resonate with me, I eliminate so as not to distract as I'm looking at the other designs.  I do appreciate everyone's effort!

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  • add pen in front of journal #558
    • @origination Hi, thank you but that is note pad not a journal or book. google a picture of a journal, or look at other examples submitted for what a journal looks like. It's an open book with a pen laying on it. Thank you!

  • change buble with microphone, add book for journal. #557
  • Hi Ross, Congratulations for coming in second (there were a ton of entries so that's impressive!) Soo many people loved your design, unfortunately I liked one other design just slightly better. I believe I have the option to buy additional designs for $100 and I plan to buy this one for that. However I need your help with changing out the talking bubble icon to an open journal (open book) with a pen laying across the page... It hit me that the talking bubble and microphone represent the same thing yet nothing is representing journaling which is a huge element of the site... So can you make this change? Hopefully even if the contest closes with this design in second, I can still buy the updated design. Thank you for everything. I am planning to redo the whole website so watch for that listing... Thank you! #452
    • @danielle1 thank you working with you sir. i already submitted the revise you request.

  • Hi Maxx1, thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations for coming in 3rd! To my knowledge I will be able to buy this logo for $100 and I plan to do that but can you make one more edit. For your symbol that represents a notepad can you change it out for an open journal (open book) with a pen lying across the page? I think that would represent the site best. Thank you again for everything! #394 p.s. I am planning to redo my website so watch for that project.
  • Congratulations Origination; you have the winning design! I love it and appreciate all of your work! I am going to need some changes though that we can discuss... It hit me that the talking bubble represents the same thing as the microphone... Talking... We need something that represents writing / journaling... So I am thinking since journaling is the largest element of the site it should be in the center of the orange circle.... and replace the talking bubble with the microphone. If the journal (book) could be open with a pen laying on the page, that would be cool... It may take a few tries to get it right. Regardless this is my favorite design and you won! I will move to 100 tomorrow but wanted to give you a chance to get the journal in there in case the first attempt works we can make it the winner! Otherwise this one will win. Well done Origination! Thank you #444 p.s. I am planning to redo the look and feel of my website so watch for it.
  • Please advise #534
  • sample logo. #533
  • My idea putting a keyhole in the center to represent Safety,.. Please give feedback,.. Thank you! #528
  • Logo #517
  • hi there just posted my entry #481 hope you like it. thanks
  • About #475, @origination Not sure what happened here... They should go back to the way they were sitting on the color. Thanks!
  • Thank you for trying, but this isn't quite what we're looking for. Thanks #478
  • logo sample. If you want changes just let me know and i will submit it asap. thank you and God Bless. #479
  • clean, elegant design, presented like a circle of puzzles and colleceted in one place together .. any requirements are welcomed..
    best regards!! #477
  • Alternative consept #473
  • New Consept :) #472
  • This has too much of a military feel to it. Thanks #469
  • also move the .com over next to the p (don't put the . under the P) Look at the others for an example. Thanks #460
  • #452 hi sir. thank you for the rating. any revise or color change?
  • I see potential in this but it feels sloppy on the top and bottom of the globe... Not sure if you can make it cleaner. Thanks #466