It started off rough... The designs that were initially submitted at the beginning of the competition were not very good and I was getting quite worried I had made a mistake... But mid way through the competition a variety of new designs appeared and by the end, I had several very solid designs. It takes a lot of back and forth and giving direction on what you want; but these are capable designers that delivered a top notch product. If you have patience and give good directions you'll get great results in the end!

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Winning design #568 by origination, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by origination

Project description is an online time capsule for your life.  It's a safe place to store your stories, life memories, photos, etc. for future generations to come.  Our demographic is everything from the millennials who want to journal their life, the young Moms and Dads who want to write notes to their children and capture their special moments to the Baby Boomers who are starting to think about the legacy they want to leave behind...  Go to to learn more about what we do.

NOT interested in any kind of "time capsule", futuristic look and feel...  Partial to the color blue and orange (I like the shade of orange on my current website of the learn more button and the shade of blue that Capital One uses in their logo)...  Thinking the blue will be the prominent color of the logo with accents of the orange...  Open to working other colors into the design that will complement it.

Not interested in keeping any of the elements of the current logo and the look and feel of the website will be changing so don't try to match it.

I like clean fonts and not into cursive or hard to read frilly fonts.  I lean towards a thin font and not to thick.

You and Capsule should be the same color not two different colors.  

I like the thought of a symbol of some sort within the logo (this is where the orange accent color comes into play as well as possible other bright colors)

Concepts that pertain to YouCapsule and capturing your life: are Ancestory, DNA, Fingerprints, memories, leaving a legacy, capturing your legacy, leaving something behind, cherishing something...  

I apologize but I do eliminate designs fast that don't speak to me right away. If it doesn't resonate with me, I eliminate so as not to distract as I'm looking at the other designs.  I do appreciate everyone's effort!

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