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Winning design #50 by rezaray, Logo Design for Young Beast Clothing Contest
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designed by rezaray

Project description

Young Beast Clothing (YBC) is a clothing line made for the youth industry bringing a edgy colorful design to clothing that will have beast type designs with messages to combat the bullying going on in our kids schools. Artsy, Edgy. Want to combine Y B C into the logo design.

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  • hello,I do like your creativity I was visioning something like this. I have attached 4 files under the brief section. I like your first concept with this in mind. I am thinking a real vicious beast in the very center somewhat making a shape of a Y, I was thinking you can make the ears part of the distinction of the Y, when u look at the samples hopefully u can see from them that I think its possible. Leaving the backwards B like you had it to the left side and the C to the right. Not sure if Im asking for to much, but let me know.
    • Ok! I see now that you truly want a vicious beast! LOL. I can work on it for you no problem. You can never ask too much. :) Stay tuned for different versions. Dina

  • CH, Please check out #19. Here you have an extremely unique design that is edgy and will grab the attention of your target audience. I showed the design to you in a few color choices...showing its versatility. :) Let me know your thoughts. :) dina
  • The Y looks more like a bat to me, not sure if we will be able to accomplish a beast with the Y I am envisioning Claws and maybe some typr of face for the beast incorporated in the Y. It could even be a 2 headed beast to help out with keeping the Y defining. Also if you could do more neon colors and possibly a few different fonts. I am looking for something that is really cool and different and attracts to the youth generation.
    • You got it! Thanks for all the feedback. I know exactly what my next step is. :) Dina

  • hello, I like the direction your heading. I was thinking if you could make the Y more like a beast with wings showing its a Y and using more bright youthful colors like the oranges and greens that are bright that the youth is into. Also you have Youth beast clothing and we are Young Beast Clothing. Thank you for your entry.
    • I apologize for the misspelling! I will fix that for you right away. I will also transform the bull horns into more of a beast with wings for sure. Also, I did want to show you how this type of design works well in a gray scale, black and white, which will be important for your company in the future. :) Will work on changes now for you. :) Thanks!

    • Please see #17 and if you like,let me know if we are headed in right direction. of wings, etc. Thank you! Dina...

  • On regards to entry #2, I would like your input on my design. Did you like or dislike? Is the type fine? Did you enjoy my little messages (the beast being red, the kid smiling, the different levels of "danger")? What about the image? Your input is very important to me and my growth as a graphic designer. -Sincerely, Zombie AJ
    • Hello, it was a great concept I do like it however there have been others that have been more of what I was looking for. Thank you for your entry. Thanks, chris

  • Also is there a way to make the design more 3d ish?
  • would it be possible to show this in a square version as well?
  • i've tried to use black and white and neon colors doesnt work on this rendering, i need to change the whole shading..i'm affraid it will take times..please be patient cheers :)
    • I was just thinking like #36 how you showed 4 different renderings in 1 design, But to show the different variations with the new claws you did. Showing 1 rendering in black and white, 1 in neon orange, 1 in neon green, 1 in purple.

  • sure, what neon color do you want me to use? on #36 i did some neon colors, blue, green and purple
  • maybe black and white and some neon colors
  • awesome are you able to show the different colors in this rendering?
  • It turns out I can upload more design..sorry, i'm new here.. please check #37, i've change the claw, hope you like it cheers
  • would love to do that but like i said previously, a new designer have limitation on a contest, i'm only allowed to upload 3 designs at maximum on each project..unless you contact the website and giving me an execption on this project
  • I like this alot, I wish the claws were a little more apparent, are you able to make changes to the claws?
  • Check out #27, Let me know what you thing please. Thank - You
    • hello, Not really what im looking for. thank you for the entry

  • hello, not really what im looking for. Thanks for the entry though.
  • hello, I really like this beast its more the direction I was thinking. Can I see this in more vibrant colors and also make the b and c stand out more with a contrast. Also I like the B backwards and I really like the font and look of #28 Young Beast Clothing font
    • Problem is there are rules with with site, and the designer of #30 did steal my initial concept, which we were working to improve for the past few days. It wont be allowed as I did originally design this whole concept...hence why blind contests work well. No stealing ideas, which do ultimately take hours to complete. The beast as a "Y", with the B and C included, also the B backwards, was my original idea. If you like I will continue with my original, unique concept that first drew your attention. Will continue to await additional feedback you may like to share with me. :) Thanks Dina

    • I understand what your saying. I really entry #31 alot, So if you can make a better beast with that whole concept and put the B backwards then we are in business. I would assume that all designers would know the rules. I am the consumer paying for the end result and want the best of the best.It is a little hard to describe what you exactly want, but #31 has just about got it right. I like the whole concept of that design that started from your design. The beast in #31 is more like I was envisioning. So show your skills and make the design even better :) thanks, chris

    • I totally agree with you! My only issues is that as we are moving forward on my original concept, asking another designer to use my ideas in theirs is not fair, and the other designers understand that as well. I do wish you luck in finding the perfect logo! Just without my original ideas and concepts incorporated in others files. I did upload a new version with your requests, but have yet to hear any feedback, which is ok and understood within the rules of this site. If requested I will continue to improve on my design and all of its components...thanks! Dina :)

    • hi dina, I had replied to u about entry #31 of how I liked that beast better. Can you make another design like #31 that is better and that looks like that concept? Ultimately its the best design that wins so bring a beast to the table that is the ultimate. thanks, chris

  • thereeds92, sorry but it's what contest holder want me to do..and it's on the brief i think following what contes holder wants was not stealing anybody concepts, because we all allowed to use that brief..hope you understand it
    • I appreciate your kindness and understanding. The brief does not include the outline of my concept at all, just says to include YBC into the logo. You have great designs and, as a designer, I appreciate that for sure! Best of luck and especially best of luck to the CH to find the best branding for their company....

  • hi last design got an infraction because of the reasons that I dont I reuploaded it..Hope it will work..thanks!
  • Hi CH. Please view design #33 and let me know your thought...tried to keep flat and simple along with current trends. Also to make easier to use for other marketing material. Regards Cape Creative