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Winning design #64 by soulnathan, Logo Design for Young high-tech security company needs a cool design! Contest
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designed by soulnathan

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  • hi.... made your request... a much bigger protect and some minor adjustments. #39 made alternative version for dark background. thanks ch.
  • #43 and #42 and #44 are various versions of a Jaguar + Mayan tribal design + security/shield concept
  • Any suggestioms?
  • thanks for doing this one. I like the original one (#9) a lot better in black, it's got more *pop*. Can I see another version of #9 with a darker/thicker "protect"
  • I like the text on this one, but not the logo on the right.
  • sorry, not digging this one
  • HI CH: here is another revision with a few changes and showing on a dark and light background.
  • About #27 I used the Mayan oranges and yellows with a 3D ball covered in Jaguar print! Please leave feedback on how i can make it better!
  • Here is an improved version.
  • Hi CH: I've changed my concept to something totally different. I designed the logo is in a non conspicuous shape of a "B" with a jaguar eye. I designed it more high tech. Hope their is something we can work with.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have a new concept for you. #15 #16 #17 Thanks
  • hi ch... made a version applicable for both dark and light background. thanks.
  • I really like this. I'd like to see a few more versions. Only problem with so much black is that you can't use the logo on a very dark background. Can I see some other colors please?
  • updated my rating. The more I think about this the more I like it. The old school drawing next to the techie text. I'd like to see a bit more options. a little more crisp on the jaguar and some work on the text.
  • I see you used a traditional Mayan jaguar drawing. I like it from an art perspective, but not for a high tech logo.
  • Hi CH: I toned down the color a bit to make it appeal to young and old.I think the Jaguar looks as if he is protecting your clients money.
  • The text looks better. I'm just not sure this has the "professional" feel to it. Some of our customers are boring old big banks. Not sure if the jaguar fade translates to that.
  • The shield concept is interesting, but the logo doesn't seem to fit for a logo for a high tech company. Think of the customers we will target (big corporations) who will want a more serious logo.
  • The jaguar design seems like Mayan art, which is cool, but I don't think it translates well into a logo for a high tech company
  • for #4 I will be waiting for your comments.