Young motion graphic addict seeking distinctive logo

Great design! Exactly what I was looking for. I am going to suggest this to more people...

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Winning design #56 by logofoam, Logo Design for Young motion graphic addict seeking distinctive logo Contest
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designed by logofoam

Project description

We are looking for a distinctive logo. It has to be young, modern, creative, colourful, manly and contains funky/creative artwork.
Think outside the box about this one. I want something that represents my core business (making motion graphics).

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  • I'd like this one better, but it's not what i'm looking for.
  • Also remove the image above the ' i' , i'm not getting what that's suppose to be.
  • I like the basic, but it has to be more crisp/smooth. The stroke on the font is too big and really ugly (not fluent).
  • I like the basics of it. But i don't like how the gradients look. So i like to see you come up with something else.
  • I like it, but it's not ready yet. I would like to see it in more popping colors. Also I don't like the last 'e'.
  • I am not getting your design, it does not represent my company. Thank you for your design
  • Don't like the font, and the background is too busy. Prefer younger / brighter colours.
  • Too simple. We prefer more sparkling / younger colours.
  • Dear CH, My entries are #40 and #41. You asked me (about #18)to come up with something that would tell more about your core business. I hope this is more in the right direction. Vr. groeten, Renske
  • Dear CH, As u requested i have added a Symbol. Hope for ur comments.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Your company is all about motion graphic. I wanted to create a shape that visualizes movement so I made this illustration (#36). Because of the transparency you get the flexible, moving symbol. It looks modern and is easy to recognize. Is there something you don't really like about the logo so I can adjust it? Sincerely, Audrey
  • About #23, Dear contest holder, I just submitted my first entry. The icon is young, modern, colorful and is funky and creative as you required. Moreover, it speaks for motion. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or edits. Best regards,
  • I'd like what you did with this one. Could you explain the artwork for me?
  • This is not going to be the one. I'm not feeling it.
  • I'm not getting what you want to say with this logo.
  • See if you can come up with something that represents motion graphics. Although I like what you've done. The orbs more stand for a company makes/shoots movies.
  • A nice logo. But I don't do anything with cameras. I only do motion graphics at this point.
  • I like the other two you did better. This one feels a bit dull.
  • I'm really liking this one. See if you can do something creative with the inner orb. And change the font to something where you can better recognize there is a 'N' in the logo. That would be really nice!
  • Beste opdrachtgever, In mijn designs, #31 en #32, heb ik voor een beeldmerk gekozen. Ik denk dat u op deze manier beter herkenbaar bent en het is makkelijk toe te passen in sociale media. Uw werkzaamheden zijn ook af te leiden vanuit het beeldmerk. In design #35 zit een 'powerbutton' verwerkt wat past bij media maar met een minder voordehandliggend symbool. Lettertypes en kleuren kunnen naar smaak aangepast worden, ik ben benieuwd wat u ervan vind. Met vriendelijke groet, Audrey