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Winning design #115 by fridaybless, Logo Design for Your Source Recruiters Contest
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designed by fridaybless

Project description

We are an ambitious hardworking recruiting firm. We specialize in executive recruitment (Vice President, Senior Director level). We work tirelessly to fulfill clients expectations and find the perfect candidate. We are looking for a modern, professional, and sharp logo to represent us. Our current logo is just the YSR letters. We would be interested to see options that include an image as well. No purple. No yellow or gold. Other colors are fine. Should look good when printed in black and white also. Keep in mind, we often put our logo on the top of CVs (Word docs) when submitting to clients. We need the logo to look good when expanded on a webpage or flyer but also look nice when smaller on a word doc.

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  • I like the hands but not the star or the colors.
    • OK, I worked out a new concept with immediate symbols of integration and operativity; let me know how you like it.

  • I like the half circle and the person's body, but dont like the propeller head thing.
  • not quite modern enough
  • I like this, is it possible to incorporate the design in the wording? not sure if I will like it but curious how it would look.
  • I like the idea of the tie but can you make it look a little more professional and not as cutesie
  • this seems very off center and it reads right to left
  • Dear Contest Holder Would it be ok if I put the world/globe symbole or image.. I mean do you recruit people from worldwide? It would be good to put some world/globe image... Awaiting your response to work further on my design
    • |--|

      arsalanmehdi88 {*wrote*}:
      Dear Contest Holder Would it be ok if I put the world/globe symbole or image.. I mean do you recruit people from worldwide? It would be good to put some world/globe image... Awaiting your response to work further on my design
      |--| sure, you certainly can

  • I like the concept of hands but not these specific hands. Also I definitely dont like green. I am looking for basic colors.
    • Here's a completely new concept: #13, inspired by futuristic dynamism and representing a forward-propelled, active workforce. Colors good?

  • Not sure how this would look in black and white. Also, the combo of colors didnt thrill me. I like the font and the layout of the words.
  • I didnt like the way the logo turned out. you think you could try to do something cool with the letters without an additional picture?
    • what do you mean by that? elaborate please. thanks

    • like what you did with property kinds or peak internet. Something that doesnt have a second drawing but incorporates the letters. Doesnt have to make a picture (it can) but could be something abstract with the pictures. Someone made a flower like shape, I didnt like the shape but liked the concept

    • We steel don't understand which name of the company's name you want to see. If you prefer "YSR" for example, you can use only pictoral part with or without a circle. If you want to see only a full name of the company, this will be a different story. Based on your current ratings I assume you want identity block with a pictoral mark + name. Please advise. Thanks

    • I apologize, i am being confusing. I would like to see either YSR or the whole Your Source Recruiters to make a picture or something abstract. what you did here is more along what I am talking about, just dont like the way the Y and the tie thing worked. I also seem to like maroon and reds and maybe a blue.

    • OK. Thanks for your reply.. .

    • #45 and #46 submitted. Please check it out. Thanks.. .

  • I like this, can you make the word source maroon or darker red? Also, would love to see some other creative things you can do, I think you are on the right path
  • can you put the whole United stats as the center of the circle instead of just the East Coast of the United states? Also, would it be possible to have a thinner frame for the magnifying class that makes a complete circle?
  • what if you use the Tie as the Y in YSR and then put border around the whole thing
  • cna can you take the people and the Y out of the circle?
    • I was thinking about how to keep a globe and magnifying glass image "does not resemble existing logo because it is too generic" i hope you waiting

    • ok, thanks for letting me know. I like the lettering, gotta see what my partner thinks of the people in the magnifying glass.

  • Looks sharp, can you also show me the one with the glove and no people?
    • you mean "globe"? or "glove"? please let me know thanks

  • much better font. so I would like to see this font with the pic from #26 with people and search glass. ALSO, for the globe pic, I meant you could take out the people and just have the globe. Would love to see both those views. thanks!
  • I like the font on the Cahill Group winner you did, something a little more crisp like that. doesnt have to be shinny but sharp font
    • please see design #27 maybe like this? thanks

  • also if you had a crisper or more professional font, I would like that
  • very cool, I will speak with my partner and hear their thoughts. What would it look like with a picture of the earth in the magnifier glass? like earth (North and South America side showing?)
  • I like this, can you make the circle with the people a magnifier glass like the other one?
    • Hi thanks for feedback. please see my update design #26 i hope you like thanks