DesignContest is an ideal way to get a logo designed. The huge advantage is you get about 100 designs for the same price that you'd pay if you outsourced the work to an individual designer. The submissions we received for our contest were all very high quality. The only difficult part of the process was choosing the best design, because there were many excellent ones to choose from.

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Winning design #96 by prabhuganga, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by prabhuganga

Project description

We're looking for a logo for a fashion and personal style sharing website. Please visit to view the current site and placeholder for the logo. The new logo will replace the existing "YOUSTYLE" text. The logo should be fairly simple and minimal, with a background to match the color of the current header bar (#454545). We'd like the text to be primarily white, with perhaps a splash of one color - two at most. The new logo will fit into the same space or slightly larger than the current text occupies. We need TWO versions of the logo. Once for the page header on the site and another square one for Twitter, Facebook, etc. The design of each can be basically the same, but the geometry may change as once will be rectangular and the other square.

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  • I appreciate everyone's contributions. So far entries #4, #5, #7 and #8 are all the type of design we're looking for.
  • Hi CH,greatly appreciate a feedback for my entry #5. Revisions can be made. Thanks
  • Hi. I like this design the best so far. If you have some variations on this theme we'd like to see them.
  • Some feedback on the three entries so far. Entry #1 is the kind of design we're looking for. A couple of notes regarding that one. Please review the brief where we state that the background must be #454545. We need the logo to blend with the existing site. We cannot change the site to match the logo. The color of the lettering should probably be white. The small splash of color in the lettering is the kind of thing we're looking for. Entry #2 and #3. The approach on the lettering is along the right lines, but the color on the logo is not in line with what we're looking for. Please note that we're not looking for a separate graphic. The Logo should consist of the letters "YouStyle" or "YOUSTYLE" (either case is fine) and the letters should be enhanced slightly (e.g. with some color or small design changes) to make them unique. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Ch, I have submitted my entry #63 and hope you will like, also waiting for your valuable feedback. Thanks...
  • Hello, I have submitted #58 and #59 with icons that combine the "y" and "s" in "youstyle" in a simple and recognizable icon and typeface. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  • Can you add a variation where the word "Style" is in white also? Thanks.
  • Junifer. This is better. Can you use the color #ed008c for the pink?
  • Hi Richard,it might be too late but please do see #97,#98 and #99 before concluding the contest... Thanks
  • Hello ch, please check my entrie #92 . Any changes please let me know
  • Hi Junifer. I really like this design. It's definitely in my top 3. The one problem is I need to put it on a dark background (#464646). Would you be able to re-work it, so it has a dark background with white lettering and perhaps a little less pink? The overall design is great though. Thank you. Richard.
  • Good day CH check out my design #80 any feedback to improve the design thanks have a nice day!
  • Hi Ch, please check my new entry #75, hope you will like, and your valuable feedback let me know. thanks...
  • Nice design, but the linking of the Ys diminishes the legibility.
  • Color combo isn't a good match.
  • Colors won't blend with current background.
  • Lettering too heavy. Not subtle enough.
  • Legibility doesn't flow.