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DesignContest is a great place to get company logo, so many creative designers come up with various excellent ideas, another important thing is the customer service of designcontest is really good, the staff are very patient and they responded fast! will use designcontest again for my future project

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Winning design #128 by hollander, Logo Design for Yu-me Gelato  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

My husband is going to open his gelato shop in California. We need a designer to create a logo which can fit  the style of our gelato shop. He already has an idea how the logo looks like, hope designers can help him improve his idea and make it perfect. Here are some of his requirements:

1. He wants the letter 'Y'of the word 'Yu-me' to be an ice cream cone but customers still can tell our brand name 'Yu-me'. He needs the dash between the word 'Yu' and 'Me', I will upload his logo draft, just an idea

2. The design needs to be simple and fits our shop style,  rustic and urban style.  I will upload how our shop might look like,  (He doesn't like cute stuff) and our potential customers are mainly young people.

Update: He doesn't like too much color. 

 if we like the design, we might hire the designer to work on more projects.

We are looking forward to work with you and thank you for helping us!


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  • do you like it #154
  • yu - me #152
  • thanks #151
  • Hi Hollander, great design! I was wondering if you can change around the colors a little bit similar to #128, primarily brown with the 3 colored ice cream balls and the red/pink colored tongue/dash in the middle?

    Can you also come up with a few more color variations please?

    Great job though, design-wise #126 and 128 are my favorites, I just want to see more color variations, thanks!! #126
    • @lucyjing1986 Thank you for the high rating. Here are a few color combinations #150

  • How about this? #148
  • Here I focused on simplicity with a bold ice cream icon and simple typography.
    Please tell me what you think :) #141
  • Hi! I just uploaded my designs and was wondering if they were along the lines of what you wanted. There are eight of them- #129, #130, #131, #132, #133, #134, #135, and #136. If there is anything you would like to see changed so any of them could remain in contention, let me know!
  • Hey, Hollander, can you try a color combo like this, brown wax stamp(the same brown as the #128) and ice cream balls color match the logo #128. Thank you #126
  • That's what we want! Thank you, we will finalize soon #126
  • Hi, i am trying to apply the design on different display, hope you are interested. thank you #116
  • Hello there, I made it based on a brief, trying to explore all the entries you wrote on the brief. Hope you like my design. thank you #115
  • can you provide me a white background version? I dont have right of this store background pic #59
  • Hello again CH @lucyjing1986 ! Here is another logo. This is looks much better than my previous entry. Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one CH. Ready to do any revisions if required. :) #62
    • @lucyjing1986 I'm waiting for your feedback CH. Only with your feedback, we can direct the design to the right direction :)

  • I played around with the yellow here abit. i think it adds to the rustic feel. #84
  • Hi There. i will be uploading many more from a different design all together. but each one of these are similar but have a slight change in each. this one is by far my favorite. i believe its simple. and not too colorful or over done. i hope you like them. #83
  • Hi Ulya, how are you? I'm liking this particular design of yours, but I'm wondering if it's possible to re-size the cup and make it smaller so that the name YU-ME and gelato can be seen more easily?

    Also, you've posted a similar design on the gelato cup, after you've made the cup smaller, can use that re-design and put them on the gelato cup as well? I think it'll look great!

    Thanks Ulya, I'm hoping I can see your re-designs posted soon #37
  • sorry, it doesn't feel like a gelato shop logo #58
  • Colors can be change. Please don't hesitate if you need to change them ! #49