all great, sorry for the delay in finalization as I had thought it was all finished!

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Winning design #28 by Creat, Logo Design for YukiTomo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Creat

Project description

Mobile technology company for Ski / Snowboard enthusiasts providing location and information services in the mountains.

attached is our current logo, want to use the blue (3070ee) and white (ffffff) with none to minmal shading/gradient to create a logo with similar concept (simple, representing mountain, and no text) which works well when scaled smaller as well. 

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  • simply #146
  • About #129, @yuki1 kindly check my logo proposal ch :)
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible #114
  • It's making a 'Y' in the centre. #110
  • Feed back this please #108
  • can you try to make a small spacing to make the Y independent? #49
    • About #49, @yuki1 please see design #105

  • feed back this please #104
  • can you try with equilateral triangle? i like the simplicity and ability to add the Y into the logo too #58
  • also like this one a lot too. please make sure the triangles used to form the shape are right triangles, the left side looks a bit off. please play around with the ratios of the sides and shapes. #28
  • simple but i like it, can you make the three triangles forming the logos all in a golden ratio? so 2.62:1.62:1 #29
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible #89
  • by the way, text is unnecessary. #11
    • About #11, @yuki1 I'll upload the icon.

  • here my first proposal , hope you like it :-) let me know if you want more modification , thanks #78
  • " i hope much, with it'' #77
  • hi @yuki1 I hope you like my mountain designs made of the initials YT - #50, #54, #55 and #51 - mountain with a Y ski treck
  • should be independent from text. acutally looking for a logo part only so can forget the text. #23
    • About #23, @yuki1 trust me, you checked the only one that is connected to text. What about the other ones?

  • Simple and clean, feels a bit unbalanced though. #18
    • @yuki1 Thank you for your warm feedback. I intentionally maje the design unbalanced because no mountain are the samne with another one. I made some revision and made them perfectly symmetrical. And made a version with 2 mountain like you saind. Kindly check #33 #34 #35 #36. Thank you.

  • for logo itself symmetry if three peaks please. if two peaks can play around a bit more. #5
  • the pin idea is nice, but i guess will be a "variation" of the logo rather than it being the main logo. #5
  • i try mountain in square #3