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Winning design #248 by Yakob, Logo Design for Zarza Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Yakob

Project description

Zarza is a new fashion brand that needs a logo that fits to the company thoughts. The brand will sell t-shirts, bracelets, caps and accessoires. Tags: Hip, Fashion, Simple and clean. The clothing we will sell will have a ecologic touch. We want the " zarza" blackberry to be in the logo or attached to the logo. Thank you already. 1 color design is a wish.

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  • Yakob,

    Can you make your font just like #249 with the blackberry like you designed? #248
    • @mark3 Hi mark your contest is expired i am just little bit late for submission so see this link there is my designs that is revision of my design i have too many designs show you see it and tell me about that concept Thanks Creative Hub

    • About #248, @mark3 Yep! Already made. Have no opportunity to send it to you as the contest is expired. If this website allows you to adjust the design you've selected (It should!) and you want to select my logomark with a different font - choose the winner. Or try to find out if there's an option to extend the contest and continue working with all designers.


  • Feedback and rating please. #820
  • this original design,, please feedback sir, thanks #818
  • Hi zarza if you want any other berry options I,ll give You

    just tell me

    i have better designs

    Creative Hub
  • @mark3 Hi CH please check my design. Thank you. #804
  • About #673, @mark3,

    Could you tell me why you eliminated my design, so I can make it better?

  • This is my design, I give 3 blackberrys in my design,
    I hope you like it, Thank you :) #784
  • This is my design, I give 3 blackberrys in my design,
    I hope you like it, Thank you :) #783
  • Hello. That is how I see Zarza brand look.
    Super thin logo elements for Zarza are elegant and modern, unique and fashionable. The Zarza blackberry is stylish and looks a lot like brilliant blackberry, something natural still with the modern lines touch. Blackberry can also be attached to the logo as an ornament.
    Simple, yet luxurious. #776
  • Simple, Elegant, Fashionable and Aesthetically strong logo #774
  • my second logo idea #765
  • my logo idea #764
  • While simple and elegant, I took a modern point of view on my design, hoping that it would get noticed. Thank you. #762
  • Hoi Mark mijn eerste logo op deze site is die voor jouw! Ik hoop dat ie in de smaak valt bij je! Ik hoor graag wat je ervan vind! Hartelijke groet Tessa #644
  • While designing this logo I used a modern mindset and ended up with this. I feel like its definitely better than most considering they are all just text fonts anybody could get off of This is a unique logo only YOUR company will have and it will look good on tags and even bracelets and hats due to the simplicity and elegence. Thank you for the opportunity. Please feel free to make requests. #722
  • what color?

    What color should I use for your brand?

    I need your input.

    Thank you
    arsenio #711
  • My design is simple and to the point.
    What do you think?
    you can make comments to draft me.

    Thank you
    arsenio #709
  • Pls check this. These are my previous design proposal #666, #635, #634, #607, #705 #708
  • I Hope You Like it. Thank You. #706
  • Pls check the design proposal #705