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Winning design #22 by artist786, Logo Design for Zen Meds Contest
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designed by artist786

Project description

Zen Meds is a Medical Marijuana Deliver Service

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  • regards, I have a different aspect of your vision of the product, so I used a different idea, maybe you like it, and I have one as a 3D look #18, #19 and #20 with regards, krisdesign
  • Hello Contest Holder I´ve submitted #26, #29 and #30. I will appreciate your comments about my work,thank you.
    • |--|

      sammichelle {*wrote*}:
      Hello Contest Holder I´ve submitted #26, #29 and #30. I will appreciate your comments about my work,thank you.
      |--| Your designs are great, we've decided to lean away from a leaf in the logo due to discretion with delivery service. ZenMeds

  • Hello CH, wanted to get your feedback on entry #40. Thanks!
  • After some discussion with friends, we are grappling with even using a marijuana leaf due to discretion. Is a Bhudda symbol possible?
    • I'll try add something on the design with the same feel. Thanks a lot for the feedback! I do my best to make it work and avoid the discretion of the symbol.

    • Submitted #24. I'm not integrating the bhudda symbol also to avoid the religious representation with the meds. Instead, I made a meditating person with the leaf on it's back. Let me know what you think. I followed entry #25 which the person is meditating on the leaf.

    • I think the lower right side of the leaf needs to be fixed just a bit. I'll get right back on that.

  • #27 has 50% transparency on the leaf only so it slightly changes its color on different backgrounds. If you're not pursuing the concept, please let me know so I can start to a different direction. Thanks!
    • By far the winning design as of now!!!!! PERFECT! We appreciate you listening to us!!

    • I'd better leave it that way for now... Thanks a lot for the great feedback. There are more ideas to come from other designers. It's a little too early for other designers to get what you envision your logo would be...I'll be checking every now and then before the contest closes.

  • Can you do a circle of individual leaves w/ZenMeds inside the circle?
  • Perfect! So far you are my number one pick
  • Could you please change the font, everything else I like.
  • Hello CH, what do you think about #44? Hope this is better then my first entry #41.
  • Question: Would the lighter background transfer on to a polo shirt well?
    • yes you can transfer but depends on the color of the polo shirt. or I can use lighter grey color for the leaf to make sure it's printable. because I used Transparency on this one or maybe I'll use another color. I'll submit the sample shortly.

  • After discussion with friends, would like to see other than a leaf in logo due to discretion. Thanks. ZenMeds
  • I like the upper right one.
    • Thanks for the feedback. I added 3 more variations if you're interested. #49

  • What does the symbol mean?
    • Hi ZenMeds5922, It's the 'Om' symbol. I noticed that you mentioned you might want something a bit more subtle, so I thought this would be a unique way to represent your concept while using a little discretion. Thanks, Elliot :)

  • Hello CH, Can I get some feedback on entry #47? Much appreciated!
  • The gold background is awesome, still our favorite, thank you.
    • I appreciate and glad to know that. I still cant think of another design that reflects the name without the leaf. Still have couple of days to go. Thanks!

  • Hello, my entry was #52. If you could give me some feedback on it that would be great. Thank You.
    • We are getting away from using a leaf in the logo due to discretion with customers.

    • Okay I can understand that. I will make a new one real quick if you haven't already decided on one.

  • Stolen art from shutterstock to win a contest http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/436459/436459,1250512683,4/stock-vector-meditating-man-35399035.jpg http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/zen-meds/entry/51