Zero to Cloud “Flight School”

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Winning design #7 by ymkio, Logo Design for Zero to Cloud “Flight School” Contest
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designed by ymkio

Project description

Zero to Cloud is a customer program for accelerating customer adoption of cloud solutions.  Zero2Cloud (Z2C) logo is attached.  We like the branding of this logo – style, colors, fonts, etc.

Zero to Cloud “Flight School” is program that delivers hands on labs and workshop globally for customers interested in exploring how to use and setup cloud technologies.  Workshops focus on 1) Database as a service,2 ) Middleware as a service, and 3) Infrastructure as a service. 

Flight School – makes reference to flight to the clouds, learning to fly, becoming a “Top Gun”, “Pilot Wings”etc.

We are looking for a logo for Zero to Cloud Flight School (or Z2C Flight School) or Z2C Flight Academy.  Ideally the “Flight School” logo should be an extension of the Z2C branding and incorporate the existing Zero to Cloud logo, although we are open to other suggestion.  Logo will be used on workbook covers, webpages, and maybe even on t-shirts for the instructors.


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  • Thanks! Great design. I might like to see the "Flight School" text under the cloud, but keep "Zero to Cloud" below the wings. Less crowded that way. Also, perhaps use the Orange /Red color of the original art for the wings. #1
    • dear contest holder, Please check my entry #54, everybody copy my idea from #1 That's why seal contest i hope you like my entry. if any changes let me know. Thank you - DS0!!!

    • @wolf0559 About #47, @dreamstudios0 Dear contest holder, Thank you giving top rating. i'm ready to give all of them if you need any changes i'm ready to do. Thank you - DS0

    • @wolf0559 Are you going to choose winner ?

  • Flight Academy #58
  • About #25, @jaycobbb
    Hello , thanks , of course i will add it in next few hours:)
  • Very nice! Could you add the text "Flight School" as well to complete the design? #25
  • I like use of color and text in this design. #19
  • really nice design friend..i like it.. #1
  • ​Hello,
    I appreciate your description but with a little discussion the work will be better, I need to having a feeling & look about your website (URL) of your business, and also I have a concern about the color scheme that you really want the logo to be. also do you intend to print your logo onto a particular materials in near the future as(wood, cloth, glass, mugs, ..etc) ,what about animating logo ?
    and finally would you like the logo to be a letters as (Facebook, Coca-cola, Samsung, Google..etc) or shape with letters like (Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes, BMW, ....etc) ?

    thanks a lot.

    (1) URL of your business website ?
    (2) Color scheme ?
    (3) Printing purposes ?
    (4) animated logo is good or bad 4u?
    (5) Letters or Shape or both ?
  • Here's a mock up on how it look on fabric. Hope you like it . Good luck #28
  • New version #23
  • New logo design #22
  • Thank you for the feedback and direction. Here's a revision on your based in your suggestion. Hope you like it. Good luck #21
  • here's mock up of my entry..hope you like it. Good luck #20
  • Hi CH,
    Please check my proposals #17 #18 and #19 ... thanks!

  • Great design - love to see this in the Red/Orange color of the original z2c logo. Good stuff!! #12
  • hello again,
    I submitted design #14. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • hello CH,
    I uploaded design #15. Hope I'm on the right track. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • #10#11#12 is copy of my idea
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track good luck. :-) #12
  • Here's a mock up of my logo hope you like it. Good luck #11
  • Hello,
    I uploaded new design #8 and #9. All planes are training in school. Hope you like it the idea. Please feedback. Thank you..