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It Was a great experience with DesignContest. I was absolutely clueless where to start but it became really easy when I get response from hundreds of designers with their own unique ideas. Would love to use DesignContest in future needs.


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Winning design #5 by CKS, Logo Design for Zetta Partners Pty Ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CKS

Project description

Zetta Partners will operate as a Chartered Accounting Firm. Will provide Taxation, Accounting, business planing, Tax planing etc services. Please do not restrict your imagination, I am open to any color combination and design. Pictorial Mark, Letterform, Emblem anything will do. As this is a new business, office & Web Theme color will base on logo color. Personally I was thinking letter "Z" should be the prime focus (But other is acceptably). Planing to make a 3D lettering for reception are so please create a logo which is compatible for 3D lettering/logo.

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  • good job for "Stairway" very creative. Show me some Pictoral Mark as well and make sure it goes with Accounting practice.
    • CKS

      Hello, thank you again for the feedback, please take a look on entry #40 Regards. Erick

    • Congrats CKS, Before you send me the final copy could you please make some minor changes? Change “smarter accounting” to “SMART ACCOUNTING” Also we want to make some changes in colour and font but don’t know how to proceed that, is it too late? Anyway, we will contact you to design our business card as well as Letter head.

  • How-come no one coming up with Pictoral Mark? Come-on guys contribute your imagination.
  • Sorry Ozymandia.. not very practical for 3D lettering and its too chunky.
  • Liked the bottom part but need bit more work on "Z"
  • bit too much. doesn't look like an accounting firm logo.
  • Nice work, Compact, all contents are in there. Would like to see in different color combination.
    • CKS

      Hello, thank you for the feedback. Please take a look on the entry #7 and let me know any changes ok. Regards. Erick

  • Thank you elenakastri for your entry. Very imaginative. Please omit PTY LTD. I don't want PTY LTD as part of the logo. Also incorporate "Smarter Accounting" somehow.
    • Thank you very much for feedback. I just submitted #6. Any additional feedback will help. Thank you in advance.

  • Sorry Frontiereds, not per my expectation.
  • #69 and #70 are my latest entries... please review them... thanks
  • HELLO SIR? PLEASE CHECK #61,#59 and feedback, thanks
  • ArtNik, please show us # 86 in a nice Shade of peacock blue and red. Also please eliminate vertical line of ‘E’ and horizontal line of ‘A’. you may want to change 'Z' as well.
    • Dear CH, Thank you for the feedback. I've made the adjustments and I submitted two versions, #130 and #131. I wish I'm getting closer to what you want. For any changes please send me again. Thank you

    • Now I'm going to try another idea for the Z symbol, based on this concept. I'll come back in a while!

    • Thank you for your latest updates.We think the color on the original one looks better than the color we asked for. Thanks for your new designs.

    • Dear CH, Thank you again for your feedback. Is there anything you would like me to change or try on #138 and #142 versions?

  • Thank you for rating my entry! #114 . something can improve?
  • dear prabhugan, please try not to use pen/pencil in the pictoral.
  • Hi ArtNik, Thank you for this submission. I really liked the tag style on your #86 but the Z need to be presented differently. for example we really liked #72, how Zenn simply used 2 triangle to create a Z. Anyway we are having directors meeting this evening to get feedback on #5, 86, 72, 85, 42, 102,109. Also we are planning on Hiring our winner to deign our business card and the letterhead for us.
  • Hello, please review entry #117. Please ignore entry #116 as the file didn't output correctly but the system won't let me delete it. You said you'd be open to something different so I've tried to provide you with something very minimal but interesting. Creating a set of stationery and materials and website from this starting point would be a joy. You can see how easily this would work in 3d too. Please let me know if I can make any amends to fit your needs better.
  • this is a copy of entry 66 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/zetta-partners-pty-ltd/entry/93
  • this is a complete copy of entry 56 https://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/zetta-partners-pty-ltd/entry/91
  • #104,#105 and #106 are my latest submissions... please review them... thanks in advance
  • Copying #56