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Winning design #102 by sawsan, Logo Design for ZOSTE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sawsan

Project description

I am opening a "craft cocktail bar" & "Eatery" in Riga, Latvia.

The name ZOSTE is an "old world name" for the essence of a sauce. Literally translated, it means the residual left in a pan after searing a piece of meat or vegetables in some kind of fat. This is what a chef would use to get the base of a flavorful sauce started by deglazing and incorporating further product.

We will be a neighborhood place that is very unpretentious, welcoming & serve honest, seasonal comfort food. We will have a strong coffee/barista program as well as craft cocktails & beers on offer from the bar.

Our interior is composed of mostly wood (refurbished pine, oak, birch), old brick , industrial metal (bronze, copper, stainless steel) & will have a very soft lighting & warm energy. Blues, Roots reggae, classic rock & hip hop R&B will be setting the vibe of the eatery.

Our location is in a rather prestigious art nouveau neighborhood & I hoped the logo could be subtle yet inspired much like the Art Nouveau buildings.

As we do not have many colors in the interior design, I hoped we could incorporate some into the logo. I am fond of Turquise on wood, white on "Latvian Red" or Maroon, as well as tasteful greens or oranges.





I also would like the "O" in ZOSTE to be a "coffee stain" to emphasize our coffee & bar service and more casual approach to our profession. The stain can be played with and could encompass some of the other letters. It could also serve as a "frame" for the logo....Here is an example:


Textures that logo will appear on for menu:

I like a font that is elegant & creative at the same time. Some element of "hand" written as we are a very hands on, from scratch kind of restaurant/bar. Some shadow fonts such as the "nexa rust" also appeal to my style...

Some fonts & tones I am fond of:








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