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Winning design #1 by Airb0rn, Mobile App Design for App desigh Contest
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designed by Airb0rn

Project description

We need an app design for IPad. It's type of poker (Chinese poker). Working title is "Gambling panda" (you can change it). Time term - one week. In app we need a full design of everything - icon, widget, menu, settings, game table. You can use any style you want(not only Chinese). We want to see useful, simple and stylish app. Thanks,good luck.

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  • Dear CH, I really like your project & i am very intrusting please brief more details & also upload your logo thanks
  • Hello, nice to see you started a contest but your brief is kind of short and based on that you will have very limited original designs. Could you maybe show us some examples of the style you are looking for? maybe you have a logo that you would like to share with us? The more info the better the results are going to be. Thank you, Vlad
  • Hi CH, Really good contest, I hope you like my designs ! #1 For the settings, rather than having a single dirty page, I made ​​three pages that are scrollent for a more sober interface I can change anything you want! Tell me what do you think
    • Thanks for your work. We like it. Maybe you can think about new name and not-chinese style? A target audience is more than 35 years old men.

    • Thanks for reply What name you want ? because it's your app, not mine and it's difficult to find a name. Want you a impressive interface (like WOW!) or more "typical" ? (also, you can rate my work, for know how you like my works)

    • About name - we want to see different variants. About interface - maybe try to do rich or luxury variant? 'For adult'? Thank you.

    • What do you think of name "Spade Panda" or "Panda Poker" ? he'll have to find a name quickly ! I will make the logo in 3D and it will take time to create it

    • Are you ready for the best design you've never dream ? After 22 hours of non-stop work (truly) It is soon ready ! With a short animation for extolling the mérits of an hard work for exceptional result !

  • Hello. Please check out my entry (#3). I have some question regarding this project: 1. Are there any particular colors you want to see? 2. What's the maximum amount of players to play the game? 3. Are you going to animate the background? 4. What other styles do you have in mind? 5. What is the size of the cards? Other names I've thought of are "Poker Panda" and "Panda Gamble".
    • Hello, thanks for you work, it's not standard - it's good. 1. Any colors you want. 2.4 3.Maybe, why not 4.We need it from you, but we want to see not-chinese style 5.The size must be useful and comfortable (not small) We like 'Panda Gamble'

  • CH, #2 is my redesign of the Main Menu page and if you like the overall feel of the design, I will complete the rest of the pages. Any feedback is much appreciated. -SmoothFX
    • SmoothFX, thanks for your work. But could you take away our examples and to do something absolutely new?

  • here u can see the better one
  • I maked new entry #5 #6 please check :) hope u liked ;) im Armenian i can speak chut chut Russian
  • Finally ! Here is my latest design #4 ! Download the presentation video here (click on the orange button) Tell me what do you think about the video and of the design ! I hope you like it
  • Hi CH! I submitted the entries #13 #14 #15 - These are just drafts. I hope you like the style. Thank you!
  • Hi CH, I submitted #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 - I hope you like them. I will appreciate any feedback. If you like this design I will make the other pages