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Winning design #95 by Routh, Mobile App Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Routh

Project description

We would like a redesign of our mobile app "BuyTheWorld" (currently in beta). For starters it will be a mobile optimized web app, so no Android/iPhone app for now (but soon). If you need a specific resolution to work with, use the iPhone 6 (375 x 627). 

What do we need?
- We need screens (.png, .jpg, Photoshop files, etc.) of your design

What is the purpose of the App?
- It is essentially a rehash of the idea
- But instead of pixels we are selling "places" in the world (including the world itself)
- And instead of selling places for 1$, anybody can "buy" a place, but only the one who pays the most is "the king" of that place and decides what content will be visible (icon, text, links, etc.)
- If you are not king anymore, you will still be visible in the "All purchases in {place}" section

How to get coins to buy a location?
- If you are logged in, you can open chests on locations of other users to earn some free coins (essentially you are rewarded for browsing/using the app)
- Or you can buy coins directly with your credit card

See the attachements for all existing screens, the ui flow (some pain points are remarked) and/or please try out our live test version at:
Tipp: Resize the browser window to 375x627, or if you are using Chrome browser press F12 and choose the iPhone 6 as emulation mode.

The icons we are using are from:
- It is not necessary to "redesign" the icons

Logo design

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