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Winning design #62 by syyar, Mobile App Design for CatchFlip Contest
Gold Medal

designed by syyar

Project description


We are a small Belgian Startup that has developped a new recognition technology for advertisements. We have set up a business idea around it and need now a super design for our app...

The principle of CatchFlip is the following : everytime you (as consumer) see an ad, you can use our scanner to 'check in' by scanning the ad. Our algorithm will automatically recognize it and redirect you to the landingpage of the brand. For this action or scan, the consumer will be rewarded with credits. When you have saved enough credits, you can order a cool gift out of our e-shop... it's as simple as that ;-).

We aim at a target group of youngsters between 15 and 35 years old. Therefore we want an attractive design that is simple and easy to use. The main purpose is that the app is super user friendly. 

I have attached a briefing for this app with a small description of how we feel that the should be build... But please, you are the creative one's, so if you have better ideas, we are very open for that !

In attachement you will find also our logo. For more information, you can go to

Cheers, hope to see some awesome designs !

Fred from Belgium

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  • How can we solve the fact that the icon is partly hidden under the circle ? #60
    • About #60, @frederik_malesevic
      We can start the screen lower adding more white space #61
      And starting from #60 , user will be able to scroll up and down.

  • Can you turn the number of credits to the right instead of the left ? #60
  • Nice but I prefer working on #50... the button with the number of credits on the left is a better choice for me. #51
    • @frederik_malesevic yeah, centered is classic.

  • Dear Fred, Please review my new submittion. I didn't receive a debrief on my previous design even though it was top rated?
    I created a new version and got rid of all unnecessary info, creating a cleaner layout, focussing on blue as the main color.
    Kind regards #58
  • Hi,
    i am one more guy from FDY my name is ram.

    i have uploaded my design and features, please check and let me know your feedback, if i put a circle on top we have to set character limit so that i have put that on below the header.

    Our Portfolio #57
  • Details Screens #54
  • App Screens for landing pages of Scan, Shop & Discover #53
  • About #19, @frederik_malesevic
    Thanks for the instructions. I'll show you the changes during this week. Probably on the weekend, as I'm out of the office next two days. I hope it is OK.
  • Design Type:-
    Material design app.
  • Could you need any changes let me know please. #39
  • About #27, @paris Nice!! the fact that you have given the scanner button a more central place, I love very much ! But how do you see the transition when you go from the start screen (big scan button) to the store (small circle button) ?
    • About #27, @frederik_malesevic Dear Frederik, Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking about a simple scaling animation, combined with a slide-in (for the records or page info). I shall try to make a step-by-step "storyboard", similar to how I did for the loading animation. I will keep you updated.

      Kind regards

    • Please I want to add my design

  • Hi CH,

    Inspired from the logo, the home screen in #33 starts with a big credit score counter that need to get a 1000 flips, for example, to be full (*1K). It can be a full circle, but this is just to encourage users to score more.

    The stylish counter/progress bar is carried on to each price element in Home and Shop. Each price element is divided into two equal areas, one for a photo (transparent or with background) and one for title and action buttons. Elements may have an extra vertical space, but I wanted to show the minimum space.

    The Scan button starts big and equal to the counter size on Home, but then it should be animated and scaled down at the bottom for Shop screen, but it still be big and dominate.

    hope you love it :)
  • Hi, I added the animation instructions and also included the scan history view to the presentation.
    Kind regards #31
  • About #26, @Recycled Hi thank you for the design, it looks great !! I love the fact of going directly to the scanner, but I must check it this is possible with my IT man.
    Also, the idea of putting the icons below is very nice ! And the visual of the favorit price in the home screen I love ! Only for the store I have some difficulties... Is it the best choice to put the prices in a grid or maybe just underneath each other ? WDYT ? Big thanks
    • @frederik_malesevic Thank you very much for your feedback, I'm glad you like my design. I wanted to show products on a grid to show more than a list but yes, a list can be very good too! I will try that! Pay attention, many « designers » make GUI without actually knowing how an application is made… I create iOS games and a lot of GUI so I perfectly know how to design an app. And don’t worry, once the contest is over, you can continue to contact me for helping you during the development phase. I’m not afraid of doing more hours :)

  • Hello, It would be great that you give a feedback about our entries, some people work very hard to try to create something that you might like. A simple rating would be nice, thank you.
  • About #21, @paris Hi, thanks for the great designs. Here my remarks :
    Overall design is maybe a bit to serious. I have the feeling that i see only lists. Therefore, can you adapt the home screen ? A history is not necessary, although I love the idea... but the scanner and the amount of Flips are not big enough... that is the most important thing when opening the app.
    The fact that the scan button is on every page, I truely love !
    Hope you can make some adaptations.
    • About #21, @frederik_malesevic
      Dear Frederik, I noticed a small mistake in my previous reply. I wanted to link to #27 as my revised version, not number 22.
      Sorry for this mistake.

      Kind regards

  • Also, the fact that the wishlist button is below, I find also very good and creative !
    • About #21, @frederik_malesevic
      Dear Frederik, thanks for the feedback.
      I posted a revised version ( #22 ) with a new homescreen. I also made some small modifications to top menu. I keept the scan button on every page, since you're okay with this concept! :) Looking forward to your feedback on the revised version.

      Please let me know if I should make any more changes or if you've got some other ideas you'd like me to try.
      Kind regards

  • Revised version #27
  • The new logo is just a proposition. I designed it because I loved the idea of your app but I found that your logo is not attractive enough. #26
  • Thanks. Do you have also other designs for the wireframes ? #23
    • Yes. any kind you want