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Winning design #44 by tookz, Mobile App Design for DaySave logo/package design - All-Natural Hangover Prevention Patch Contest
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designed by tookz

Project description

We are looking for a logo and packaging design. We have the die-line of the packaging so are looking for you to put your designs directly on it. Please see the files in the links below. The "die-line-with-info" file has important content but feel free to move it around. Our target demographic is 21-35 males but want to be able to cater to females as well. This is a point-of-sale product so think of this on the shelf at a liquor store like 5 hour energy.

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  • Hi mukundhp, I tried a different color scheme with the same design that you liked. I know you thought the other design was dark, but I just wanted to explain that the color scheme is very high contrast. High contrast means it will definitely grab your attention quick. Also, with your target audience, being younger males, black is a color they would most likely gravitate to. I'd be glad to make other adjustments as requested. Thanks.
  • Not sure i like the "DaySave" font or the seperate colors. Can you try a different logo? Also, can you also make the slogan text bigger or seperate it out like #4? Thanks!
  • see #4 for comments
  • I like where you are going with this design but am not sure about the dark color scheme. Do you think you could try something with a little lighter background color? Definitely keep the "all-natural" in the corner. I like the sun rays in this but also like the smooth lines in #2 so if it works better with the new color scheme feel free to put it in. Thanks
  • #1 Fresh, vibrant, "vitamined" colors for the logo upon neutral, manly, sober background.
  • several variations, different font, with and without the cloud
  • The logo needs some work. I think the font and cloud/sun need changing. It looks a little too playful right now. Also, can you add 2PK in the lower left? otherwise i like the bubbles and basic theme.
  • I like the peel graphic. Can you make the DaySave logo bigger? also the text on the back needs to be below the line notch because of the way the packaging is trimmed. You can change the font just put it back in the same place. Thanks!
  • This portrays a bit too young of a look for our demographic
  • This portrays a bit too young of a look for our demographic
  • Hi Mukundhp - Please take a look at #7 and #8. I chose the bright orange to contrast the black. The sun is a vector I made specifically for this project for you. #8 has a "lifesaver ring" around it. Please let me know what you think about any aspects of my design and I will gladly adjust. Thanks! SmoothFX
  • After looking at some of the other designs it is becoming apparent that "hangover patch" has to stand out. Additionally there needs to be incorporation of the website
  • the bubbles and the font selection is not the direction we would like to go.
  • see # 16
  • see # 16
  • Can you also try one version with DaySavePatch? maybe putting the "Patch" portion in non-bold and "daysave" in bold
  • Can you also try one version with DaySavePatch? maybe putting the "Patch" portion in non-bold and daysave in bold
  • This looks great and i was intitially excited by the look but I recieved some comments that the overall look looks too much like a dove soap box. Can you change the font a bit and make the "hangover patch" stand out a bit more. Also please incoporate the website, please increase the size of 2PK.
  • see #20
  • Thanks for this design! I like a lot of the overall look. A few comments : The "hangover patch" text should be bigger/stand out a bit more so people know what it is as soon as they see it. Since you are already putting hangover patch on there and making it stand out, lets pull off the slogan completely (peel your sins...). I want to incorporate the website so maybe you can replace the slogan with I think replacing the circle next to the hangover patch with a square with rounded edges would be better (that’s what our product looks like). I like the nutrient flow, can you make that a bit bigger too?... Also, just a heads up. The packaging die line will be shrinking by .25". I don’t think it will affect your overall design but I wanted to let you know. I will try to get the updated die line by the end of the week so the final revision can be on there before the contest ends. Thanks!