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Winning design #17 by web2feel, Mobile App Design for Design 3 screens for an iPhone app Contest
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designed by web2feel

Project description

I am looking for someone to design 3 key screens in an iPhone app, taking cue from an existing version. It needs to be done in Photoshop and I need access to all the layers for minor edits The app is called RiderBee and is meant to connect riders and drivers along the same route. Looking for creative and fresh ideas to display these screens in a way that conveys elegance, simplicity, safety, and professionalism. Please look at this link ( for full project specs

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I will update with some revisions. About#7 If the elevated tab button style is hard to implement, I can just change into a beveled one as in #1. About#6 I will update it. About #5 The font size can be increased , no issues. Missed the suggested price detail. I will include it on the revision. Will update the button style for place selection. About #4 While the info box is up, I have darkened and blurred the background to give it more definition. Do you mean you want the background to retain the same visibility while the info box is on?
  • I like the beehive detail of the box, but it'd be great to have a little more detail similar to #1
  • Font size for the addresses/time looks a bit small. Can you please find something slightly larger? Also, it does not have the "suggested price" detail -- can you please work that in? Also, please remember that address/datetime are buttons that will open something else (ie., it is not information typed from the users here)
  • THis is also very nice. Are you able to rework so that the tabs are connected to the whole screen (not just the top profile). Also, can you do a "LinkedIn-verified" icon? Thanks
  • looks very clean. We may have an issue doing the "Be a Rider/Driver" buttons the way you show them but I like the thought.
  • What do you feel would improve the title font, and the green/orange rider/driver icons? We really want to make this design into something you love. We are going to be away from our studio for the holidays and will likely only have time for one or two more revisions before the end of the contest.
  • Do you want to keep the arrow shapes but give them the look of the old icons, or do you want to go back to the old ones. Do you want to keep the icons inside the boxes or outside like the last one.
  • I like the new font suggestion for inside the window, but I think you had a better set of inside icon images before (start/stop/time). Also, can you please improve the title font, and the green/orange rider/driver indicators? I also noticed the nice detail in the message box (the bee at the bottom) -- I like it!
  • I really like the clean look. It is very professional and warm looking. I would like to see your thoughts on the other 2 screens, and also if you can put some bold concepts in icons and make (my) layout prettier
  • I really like the beehive look and feel, and the approach to the icons. However, I feel like there is still some polishing to be done with fonts, layout symmetry (see #1 for what I mean). Also, can you think of other icons for start and stop (not sure if the current player analogy works). Anyhow, it's good but I think it needs polishing with font size, layout, font
  • @djdirtysanch - The app is not released yet to the App Store. The pdf brief has a number of pictures that show the other screens. Hopefully that helps. If you need more, let me know and I can share directly the screenshots. Thanks
  • i would like to use your app a bit to get a good look at what its about but cant seem to find it in the app store.
  • @wongjoh Thanks for selecting my designs a winner for your app. I am honored. I will update the designs with the modifications you've suggested. Expect them in your inbox soon. @Unicornforest and Michelle Congrats to you guys . You have delivered some fine designs too..
  • @web2feel. Here are some final minor modifications on the winning designs: For #18 - Play with the colors on the buttons. The yellow background / white text is not very easy on the eye - I think the color on the tab sheet can be improved. I don't like the slight pink -- please try another color that goes with that background For #19 - Suggested price text can be improved. Right now, it does not look as good as the rest of the other pages Please contact me at johnny(dot)wong(at)gmail(dot)com for more information and the rest of the app work. Thanks!
  • Thanks for all your hard work. Very much appreciated!
  • Thanks for the good work. In the end, I will be going with another designer. I felt your designs were more "work of art" and I liked them, but my partners and I think that the design should have a clean look more consistent with current nice apps, so that it is less about the art but more about the content and functionality
  • Will be sending final comments separately. Good work
  • Will be sending my final comments but good work
  • Excellent
  • Thanks for the hard work, Michelle. Given the late entry, we will not be able to iterate. Some feedback is that the color scheme needs to be a little more upbeat (slightly brigther colors) and also the image sizes were a little overpowering. Anyways, thanks so much for the work