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Winning design #28 by martinmohr, Mobile App Design for iPhone App Needs Cool New Skins Contest
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designed by martinmohr

Project description

The new version of the app, available as a free download on iTunes, supports skins. You can design the layout you want, and then switch between different looks. We are looking for new skins that our customers will love. You can download our button template at http://www.l5remote.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/110106-Button-Template-2.pdf. You will also be responsible for designating the font, any special icons, and how the color is applied. Note that the screen is divided into grid squares 32 pixels wide. Buttons can be centered on each grid square or 1/2 grid square.

Your entry should contain the buttons according to the template, a background that is 640 pixels wide and repeats vertically, and a mockup of a sample remote designed with your skin design.

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  • This is a facsimile of Apple's aluminum remote.
  • You said the layout was divided in 32px squares, but is that with the normal resolution or with the Retina display?
  • which grid you're referring to? which of the two layouts, #2 or#1?
  • The button must align with the grid, like the current layout. There is no provision for angling the buttons.
  • The layout must follow the template.
  • is this contest still on?
  • About #23 I tried to keep true to the original idea but added some more contrast and darkened icons and font slightly to make it more readable.
  • We're looking for more skins that offer users another choice. I'd go for different themes without giving up the logic that you see in Apple's products. I can imagine a futuristic theme, a kids theme, an animal-lover's theme, a hippy theme, something feminine, something font-based, something retro... I think there's a lot of opportunity to do something different without being arbitrary. I'll load some more samples for inspiration.
  • About #11 - What are you really looking for? Funky colors/backgrounds/textures? If you're looking for something that is reminiscent of Apple's sleekness, anything other than a silver sheen and simplistic buttons isn't going to work.
  • If we had started with this, nobody would have complained, but it seems uninteresting next to the 2 skins we already have. The new one needs to offer something different.
  • It seems very arbitrary. Also, the background must repeat vertically for long remote layouts.
  • The buttons and background don't seem related.
  • Nice and punchy. The background must repeat vertically for longer remote layouts.
  • Thanks.
  • About #9 Thanks for the comment. The idea was to make something that really ticks the Apple aesthetics geek. Clean functionality. As eadalessandro also asked. How would it work better in a dark room?
  • About #10 - Are there colors you're looking for in particular that would work well in a light and darkened room?
  • Thanks for the feedback! I took inspiration from the iPhone's Settings' icon, and gave it a gold finish.
  • Fresh. Probably not the best in a darkened room, but nice.
  • Very fresh looking. Probably not the best in a dark room, but nice.
  • Very strict. I can imagine this working.